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Sat Nov 26 : The Lizards' 3rd Anniversary Celebrations at Mod Club (Phish Tribute)

Jay Funk Dawg

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Concert Listing Announcement

NuFunk.ca Presents

Saturday, November 26, 2016

3rd Anniversary Celebrations of The Lizards: Canada's Premiere Phish Tribute Band

Lights by TG5

Virgin Mobile Mod Club in Toronto, ON
9PM / 19+
$15 adv/ $20 door
Online Tickets http://bit.ly/Lizards3yr
 Facebook Event Link: http://bit.ly/2emZyfc

Premier Phish tribute band, THE LIZARDS, are back at it again. This time it's to celebrate their 3rd anniversary of putting on kick-ass, raging groovefests for thousands of fans across this country. Come and take part in the ritualistic experience that is THE LIZARDS. With TG5 creating a unique and mesmerizing light show, Nov. 26 promises to be a sure fire night. Get your tickets now!


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anyone go to the show or watch the live stream?


Here's what you missed:


Set One:

Party Time
Walk Away*
Dogs Stole Things*
Guelah Papyrus*
Destiny Unbound*
Paul and Silas*
Ass Handed*>

Set Two:
Mike's Song>
Down With Disease>
No Men in No Mans Land* ***>
Weekapaug Groove

Boogie On Reggae Woman
Tweezer Reprise

*first time played
**no whistling
***wipeout tease

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I'm into the YEM now and think this would be so much fun. This is all of the joy of the music without any of the feeling that you can't just chill out and enjoy your friends and the conversation and the camaraderie. I imagine this is what it was like back in the day in those little clubs. I'm going to do my best to check The Lizards out sometime soon. Thanks for posting the videos Jay

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