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Neil Young on latest Conan podcast

Davey Boy 2.0

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Wicked. I’ve really been enjoying Conan’s podcast. It’s refreshing to hear him in a longer format, relaxed and out of character being more open free speaking with his guests. Still funny, but the conversations have been way more involved than what you get on his TV shows. And his guests have been equally candid and engaging. The Adam Sandler and Martin Short episodes were especially good. Looking forward to this one. 

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Looking forward to that one!  Just finished the very entertaining Zach episode.  Listened to the letterman one while doing yardwork.  That was a freaking fantastic discussion.

I do wish many of them ran much longer.   A 45 minute podcast comes out to only about 25 minutes of discussion with all the sponsor and post-show padding. 

The Deep Dives with Dana Carvey were pretty hilarious. I enjoyed Dana Carvey for the first time in a long time.  

I thought I listened to the entire run of season 1, but looking back at the guests, I think I may have missed some epics.

also looking forward to watching his remote in Ghana.


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Agreed on wishing some of them were longer, and also that Dana Carvey was great.

I gotta say though that I didn’t enjoy the Neil Young one as much as I had hoped. It wasn’t bad, and I would even recommend it, but it didn’t really go anywhere as a discussion. It was mostly just Conan telling him how great he was in a few different ways. It seems that Conan does better as an interviewer when he is talking to people whose experience is more similar to his own and he can relate to them easier. That said, still worth a listen, and the series as a whole is quite good.

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The Mike Myers episode was a gooder, for sure.

Coincidentally, not long after listening to that I stumbled on this clip of Dana Carvey on Stern (who I don’t normally listen to):

I knew that Dr. Evil was a Lorne Michaels impression, but I had no idea it was Dana Carvey’s Lorne Michaels impression, and that Mike Myers apparently stole it from him. Full credit to Carvey here for not bad-mouthing Myers, even though Stern was clearly angling for it. 


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