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Boxing Day with Fat Cats: 30th Anniversary Bash


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Haven't got a ticket yet, but I'm hoping to be able to make it, gonna be a fun night. Unfortunately, I have day surgery scheduled for the 23rd so I'm prepared to be disappointed (pre-op interview didn't think I'll be in shape to go). Hoping that if I can't make it I'll still be able to get one or two of the shirts though.

30 years...geeze. Certainly doesn't feel like it.

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 Happy 30th guys. Blow the roof the place the tonight. Thanks for all the great music, amazing shows and such fun times. Impossible to truly articulate what it all means to me. My only regret is I cannot recall the name of the crazy little dreaded headed girl I followed to Dundas and ended up in a place whose name escapes me - The Box or something like that. It was late into 2nd set, but man it was great. (91 or 92 perhaps?). I also have really fond memories of the sweaty (really sweaty) and packed shows in Ancaster at the Coach & Lantern, my god were they fun.

I really freakin hope there's a damn taper there! Thanks for all the memories, music and good times.

On 12/22/2022 at 10:23 AM, edger said:

Wishing you health, healing and resiliency through your surgery Greg.  So sorry to hear that you won't be able to join us. Your spirit and foundational presence in this whole scene will surely be there. Shore up my friend

Many thanks for the kind words & wishes S. Everything seems to have gone well, starting to feel a bit better tonight, though was/am in no shape or form to attend.

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Untracked recording on LMA :https://archive.org/details/FatCats2022-12-26


Boxing Day 2022 live at the Casbah in Hamilton, Ontario.

Set 1 is a performance of the album, Cruelty's Cure.
Set 2 is a performance of, the Hits.
Set 1
As Much As This
Bird In A Net
Everlasting Morning Sky
Too Many Choices
Sweet Sisters Of Fate
Might Have Been Something
Send Me A King
Killer Train
Hide Your Love
Soldier's Home
Set 2
Waiting For Spring
Song For St. Jude/
Fatman Walks Alone/
Down Again
Cruelty's Cure/
Sweet Lorena
Run Back Home
Christmas Drinker (1)
Station (*)
Teaspoon (*)
1 - Stumbleweed cover
* - Encore
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