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O.A.R. May 16th - The Operahouse - Toronto


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Theres an article on these guys in the new Relix magazine. (the one with Ben Harper on the cover)

"O.A.R. is a little band from Maryland whose grassroots revolution has caught on like wildfire. Even in drawing sellout crowds around the country, they've managed to stay under the national radar, though not for long. Relix takes a look at the revolution from the inside out."

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Originally posted by frescolopez:

As for openers - I'd say somebody like: Uncle Seth...

Hey thanks for the props fresco - Uncle Seth would indeed be very interested. jay@musicface.com" target="_blank or 416-885-5341 (ask for Jay) if anyone wants to chat about it.

Only slight possible catch - isn't that the Friday of Frontier Town, or am I miscalculating?

- M.

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Hey Cool Cats,

Erin here from the Erin Smith Band. I hope this works - I gotta say I don't have much saavy with the whole message board thing.

We would be totally down with opening for O.A.R., but I'll be away on Tour from Vancouver to Toronto at that point with the Ladybird Sideshow (my sideproject). Think we'll be missing the first Frontier town because of this tour as well, but we'll hit another one this summer.

I also just want to say that everyone associated with jambands.ca is SOOOO sweet. We dig on y'all big time.

Over & Out!


PS - If anyone ever wants to get ahold of ESB for other potential shows:


Rusty Bumper Dust Booking:


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Umm. Yeah, I know two bands who could open. Liquid Caravan or Ben Spivak and the Corporate World.

Liquid Caravan is a jamband, but the Corporate World is more along the lines of John Mayer and might be better suited to open for OAR. I have samples of both. Send me an email if you want. mrbenjamin@sympatico.ca

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VERY EXCITED to see that Diesel Dog is playing with O.A.R. in TO. Should be fun times! I just wanted to say that I don't think that Diesel Dog get the credit they deserve. They are a bunch of talented, unique men, with a wicked sense of groove. They write a lot of their own stuff, and I ALWAYS have a great time at their gigs. My hat's off to the boys, for always a job well done!


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