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Welcome TeeSee


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hey man, this thing must be addictive for us chatham folk. One more for the collection i guess.

How did your recoveryt from cinci go? I just caught up yesterday (yawn) Morgan had my cd's [big Grin] i think he must have gotten them from the breakfast room (Graham, we don't use that kind of language here!! [big Grin] )

Anyhow, great to see ya on. Other chathamites are:


Babsy Mudcock

backbacon (of course)






karinannie (honourable chathamite)



Wooly Mammoth

and now TeeSee

bacon, are there any more? i can't think.

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and who is Tim?

ps. to the Chatamites who have the white van in cinci. Graham just likes fresh air sometimes. Nothing personal. Oh, and he doesn't trust my navigational skills either. And from what I hear, he also seems to think that all cinci cabbies are crooked...

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Yeah, welcome TeeSee. Shouldn't it be "Tea Sea" though. Get your other little limey buddy Stu Dog on here too. He's all about his new tossable iMac now!

Yeah, can't believe you forgot chewie!

Other chatamites:

- OB1 (Obrien)

- Wooly Mammoth (Carrgo) although I don't think he has ever posted...

MoMack, Tim is TeeSee! (TsC)

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List is revised, bad schwa, bad! I knew i was forgettin people though, thats why i asked. My memory ain't what whe used to be.

Oh ya the van was green too MoMack. Funny stuff. It was covered in snow when you saw it though. see you and the boys in chatham for the nero show right?!


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hey chathamites and honourables...

i'm so happy all you guys are on here. reading your 'banter' almost daily makes me feel like i'm not so far away.... which is not to say i'm not loving my transplant island home!!! sunny sun for weeks.

almost done the school stint, who's coming out for my grad in june?? ain't no party like a west coast party.... esp when there's chathamites involved.... [Wink]

take care guys, and welcome chandler!

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