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Doesn't this site support Canadians?


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Just a question?????

I was checking out my good friend Greg Hemming's banner on this site and noticed that this site advertises for an American distributer.....huh?........I was wondering with having a Canadian Distributer available,why you guys would be linked to an American site?

........and I know that Jambands does support Canadians,but this seems alittle odd to me.

Doesn't buying Canadian help us ALL,I know it helps Greg.

Confused. [Confused]

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Hey Greg,

I think I understand where you are coming from, and yes, I think that if I was living in Canada I would definitely want to buy this video from a Canadian distributor.

Having said that, if I was an American visiting this site, I might look and go hmmm, this video looks really interesting, and wow, I can get it from Home Grown Music in the U.S. I think having this video and our bands exposed to the American market is also a big way to support them.

Peace, my friend, and we'll see you this upcoming weekend at Pepper Jack's.


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I think the more ways for people to order the great vid of Greg's - the better. If the massive US market is somewhat hesitant to order from a Canadian distributor, then its great to have another option for them.

The US market is massive, and the more Canadian products we can get them buying the cooler they will become!!


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