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The Lone Gunman


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Check out that show on Fox on sunday. I think it's at 9 pm. It looks like it's going to be pretty good. I don't think you have to be an X-files viewer to watch it.

Mulder's dead for those who don't care.

He never did GIT IT ON with Scully before he died.

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that show was baaaaad it was baaaaddd...


"ok so what you're saying is the government is going to take down this blaah blah blaaah blaaaah plane to escalate arms trading"

"oh so you're saying is that it's about arms trading?"

"ok so lets get this straight the goverment wants to increase arms sales..."

god ok already!!

it could get better, but the storyline was a stretch and the dialog was terrible. I'm not sure if the acting was as terrible as i think or if it all the fault of the terrible dialogue... but maybe next week will be better.

First shows are almost always about explaining what's going on afterall.

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Yes, it had a lot of those moments. I could have shivered, but I was just happy that there was a show on TV that reminds me of that great movie "Sneakers". Obviously, it doesn't compare, but a team of hackers with different expertise is likely to provide interesting stories.

Don't forget, the American public has the right to know these things, so you shouldn't laugh. The government is increasing arms sales be creating terrorist acts. What is funny about that ???? hmmmm????

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