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Ottawa-Oysterhead reference


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11/02/01 Aragon Ballroom - Chicago, IL

Set: Polka Dot Rose, Pseudo Suicide, Little Faces, Rubberneck

Lions, Radon Balloon, Army's On Ecstasy*, Shadow Of A Man**,

Wield The Spade**, Mr. Oysterhead***

Enc: Birthday Boys^, Owner Of The World

* - with Trey on matterhorn, Les on Steve the Bastard Whamola;

included a Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne) tease

** - with Trey on matterhorn

*** - Band faded out and let the crowd chant "when all else has

been done and said..."

^ - Trey acoustic then Les joined in w/ a Banjo Bass and Trey

said "All the way from Ottawa, Canada on drums, Stewert

Copeland"; also, Trey was pumping up the rowdy crowd with

his fists and the bullhorn fingers.

Drums and Tuba opened.


I wonder how Trey ever heard about Ottawa. Maybe they tried to pick the last city on earth that they would ever consider playing a show at; or a city they figure nobody has ever heard of; or a city that was just booked for their next tour; or maybe they heard about Ottawa from visiting the Phish Sanctuary!

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