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sad news


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very sad news...

>Kesey's belly was hurting and the docs did a scan and found a black spot

>on his liver. It was cancerous but encapsulated which meant there was no

>cancer anywhere else. They decided to cut it out and the surgery went

>okay. He had sixty percent of his liver left to carry the load but in

>one of those dirty tricks the body can play on you everything else went

>to hell and this morning at 3:45 AM his heart stopped beating.


>A great good friend and great husband and father and grand dad, he will

>be sorely missed but if there is one thing he would want us to do it

>would be to carry on his life's work. Namely to treat others with

>kindness and if anyone does you dirt forgive that person right away.

>This goes beyond the art, the writing, the performances, even the bus.

>Right down to the bone.


>-- Ken Babbs

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About a year ago, I emailed him concerning a video tape that he was offering up. It was a video of him on the further bus, and all the merry pranksters travelling around. The video itself wasn't terribly interesting, however, he sent it for free, and they painted and labelled the VHS cover by hand with paint, etc.

It was probably the coolest thing I've seen. They wanted their Intrepid Trips video distributed, so the made the tapes, and each unique cover by hand, and mailed them out for FREE to whoever emailed them expressing an interest.

It was up to you to send in money after you received it to help support their efforts. I think I sent them $20 US.

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Phil dedicated last night's show to him:

Phil & Friends 11.10.01

Palace Theater - Louisville, KY

Set 1:


Like a Rolling Stone> Shakedown Street

Dire Wolf

Mason's Children>


New Speedway Boogie> Revolution

Set 2: Passenger> Jam>

Uncle John's Band>

Black Peter> Other One>

Cryptical Envelopment>

Jam> Do It In the Road

Casey Jones

Phil deadicates show

to Ken Kesey

GDTRFB> Bid U Goodnight

E: Box of Rain>


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