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Whats your favorite/funniest UserName on the skank?


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well i kinda like the way the monkeys were tag teaming on here for a while, but rabid never posts anymore i dont think?

hey bouche, is there a way to view all of the names of registered members at once? you'd think they'd have a "profiles" or members page option?

find it.

do it first, do it now!

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You know, gentlemonkey's right...that's a damn cool name...moe.ron

too bad moe.ron's name isn't really ron.

mine is the dorkiest...canned beats...i thought pickled beats but that's a show on CKCU(or was) but you can buy beets in a can, and I went to school for radio after highschool and some people call the radio the can...mostly because it's packaged (and in cannng you lose some nutrients at high temperatures, a process in canning to vacuum seal and sanitize the food)

but why would you want to can rhythm?? I don't agree with confining music so it's a pretty contradictory name for me...too late to change it now...but on long trips if 2 cars had citizen band radios i could say 'breaker breaker ten four, this is CB on the CB streamin out on channel 19, anyone read back? Bobcat, you got me?'

anyways, my vote goes to moe.ron - still have that storybook about jesus from the trip, moe.ron?

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Arduous Goatskin!!!

That jesus dude sure cracks me up sometimes.

I loves ya bay bay but all i can think about is...arduous goatskin, My buttcheeks is warm.

it looks like Alex and I might move in to a house next year. creepy 613 connections comin back to haunt...it's the same house as dean and corwin...you'll have to bring the ottawa contingent for a housewarming party in may...possibly before frontier town...if it happens...party house full of musicians, welcoming musicians and enthusiasts for a celebration filled with mirth, merriment, and good folks.

that is, as long as we get the place.

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