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World Cup


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I'm predicting that the States won't score a goal, that Ireland will do better without that whining nut, Keane.

Also, Figo will have an awful tournament, France will play well but Barthez will let them down at key moments.

Argentina will be in 6s and 7s due to their shakey political situation, but will play well nonetheless and it'll help their economy in the short term.

I predict everyone in Canada to get sick and tired of Canadian announcers within 10 mintues of the first kickoff.

In the end England will defy all the odds and make it to the semi-finals, but Brazil will end up getting their 5th World Cup, over some african team like Cameroon or Nigeria or something.

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Guest Low Roller

Poland will win everything crushing Brazil in the finals in a humiliating defeat. Then I'll wake up and read that France or some other cheese producing country won.


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no more free dog juice or dogmeat on a stick.. the vendors were going to set up outside the venues but thought better of it.

italy may sneak in they are always around and brazil has a chance but i doubt it..

i would love to see england win but they

wont win this year. look for them to take the next euro cup in two years and the world cup in four years in germany..

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Holland not in=don't care...but I'll be up every AM at 2->6 AM watchin' it. Spain will win. Watch out for Cameroon,fast like rabbit,agile like monkey...(im not being racist,calm down)...

ps- NO PENIS MUNCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Mad][Mad][Embarrassed][Embarrassed][Mad][Mad]

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Guest Low Roller

Hey Davey-Boy (or whoever else for that matter). I need a favour. [smile]

I entered a World Cup office pool at work, assuming victory, solely based on the fact that I'm of a European denomination (Polish), and therefore know more about football than my Nova Scotian manager. [Razz]

I could use everybody's help in defeating this evil pointy-haired filibuster and letting righteousness win. [Confused]

Who to pick as striker, midfield, fullback, and keeper? [smile][smile]

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Whoa tough one, my Low Rolling phriend. When do you need said info?

In the short term I'll direct you toward some good sources (you may have to drill down a bit):





Granted these sites are UK oriented, but as I said it;s a starting point.

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Guest Low Roller

I'll send you the details from work tomorrow. (Remind me) I unfortunately don't have them at home.


(Go Poland!)

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This posting just came across one of the local newsgroups here at the office:


Subject: WorldCup 2002 on your Palm

Dear user,

If you are a football fan (or soccer as it is known in some parts of the world) you will probably know that the Football Worldcup 2002 is set to start this Friday the 31st of May

in Korea and Japan.

TinyStocks is proud to announce the availability of a free program to keep track of the Worldcup on your Palm OS® handheld!

With WCup2002 you can:

- Lookup what games are played on which days and what games are played at each of the 20 stadiums.

- Check when and who each team is playing and add an alarm in your Datebook to be reminded of the games.

- Keep track of the scores of each game and automatically see which teams will be making it to the next round!

- And download the latest scores wirelessly by connecting you Palm OS® handheld to a mobile

phone or (wireless) modem ! (*)

Find out all about it and download it from the WCup2002 headquarters:

This program was made possible thanks to our sponsors !

Handheld Computing - #1 PDA Magazine - Reviews, News, Features

Handango - Score winning software for your PDA from Handango!

Palm - Have a great match with Palm

Best regards,


(*) Requires a compatible mobile phone or Palm modem and an ISP account.

Will NOT update

scores through HotSync.

I have no idea whether (or how well) this all works, nor do I have any connection with any of the companies involved.



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