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Summers comin and I'd like a review.....

Northern Wish

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That's cause Treyter jinxed us in Vermont.......

Push On Til The Day and Mr Completely were absolutely INSANE down in their hometown. By far, my favorite moments. His band is tight as hell and everyone should go see "the man". Last Tube was much shorter than I would have expected, but the intensity made up for it.

If I had more time, I would ramble on.

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Fishman was there all night banging away- the night of huge percussion. I love the Cyro Baptista addition to the band. great texture. I can't do Set lists but I can say wow!

And watching the Fishman and Trey energy was fun...A good one to catch- especially if you had to pick one (and I did!)


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all i can say was that was the shit.

just got back now and man i think i still screwed from that show.

Im a drummer myself so when fishman sat in I freaked so hard and thought to myself holy shit were in for a good one tonight, and a fukn

good one it was. The drum jams were just ridiculously insane. Besides the fact that i got my joints taken and my camera taken from the show I would have to say that was pretty much the best show i have ever seen by far.

The energy was amazing.

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trey's band rocks.

killer show for the most part (the last 40 minutes or so i'm lost on)

no pharmy's whatsoever....not a good scene that way at all...too bad IMO (maybe i'd be capable of remembering the last 40 min. if i'd had a little more ups and a little less downs)

oh well...my legs are still killing me so i know the end was good [Wink]

big thanks to VT dave for the hospitality...also a big thanks to the sears autocentre for the cheapest installed tire on a caddy ever, and to sally for pouring me into the car and getting us back to the campsite safely.

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WOW!! Having heard the great nugs.net recordings from the current tour, I think I had fairly high expectations for last night's show at Darien -- and all were met! Heres some random highlights and observations:

- Fishman came out during the 2nd or 3rd song of the first set (I think..? Or maybe it was the entire show?) and stayed for the whole thing. This was a real treat!

- The percussion sticks out the most I think.. 2 drummers and a mad percussionist the whole time, and often the horns players banging away on various percussion too. The drums were heavy!!

- The best song of the night for me was Mr. Completely -- holy shit!!! This song was looong and had a big drum jam in the middle. At one point during this song it was just Trey and Fish on stage together. They sounded awesome together and the crowd was going nuts with enjoyment and anticipation over what could happen. They teased a few Phish tunes (Stash I think? And The Curtain maybe? Its a little foggy). Anyhoo, the two of them jammed away for a few minutes and then cut it off.. Huge grins on their faces and such a tease! I think everyone who was there had the same feeling at that moment - that you just know they'll be back again some day and that it is going to be insane when it does happen!! 'Till then.. [smile]

- Only the pavillion was open, the lawn was closed. It wasn't crowded really though. I got stubbed down into the 200s and there was plenty of room. It didn't sell out.

- It was cool to watch Trey orchestrate. I think its so cool how he can play the band just like one monster instrument.

Thats it for now.. Got 3 hours of sleep last night then went to work, and I can NOT think straight! What a good weekend though.. TiCats on Thursday, Kim Mitchell in Burlington on Friday (so good!!! hehe), MMW on Saturday then Trey Band on Sunday. Just what I needed!

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Enjoyed the Vermont show! Especially great to watch it with a crew of great people. Also pretty sweet that rain stopped as soon as the music began- after a day of torrential downpour..

It was certainly a lot different than last years tour- imo. I liked the vyo treat but would've much preferred a guyute or my friend.. that would've made the night. overall i think the band sounds tighter, but more jazzy and less rocky, taking more chances dropping the bass and drums out and having cyro or the quasi-percussionist hold the rythm, but blowing it a few times.. i preferred the sound of last years incarnation i think. but it was certainly worth the cost and a super fun party.l.

wish we'd gotten directions to the skank afterparty..! Went by the Seth show but the line was out of the door at 1:00am..oh well..



Hahaha [Wink][big Grin]

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Guest Low Roller

Thanks to everybody for a great first visit to Vermont!

As a first Trey show, I thought it was GREAT!

Push on 'til the Day [Eek!][Eek!]

Mr. Completely [Eek!][Roll Eyes][big Grin][big Grin][big Grin]

It was nice seeing Trey have so much fun up there.

Personally I thought the encores should've been done in reverse order, but what do I know? When I get the files I'll just reverse the order myself.

"Yeah, FUCK Trey!"- name withheld for his own safety -

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I couldnt agree with your take on Cyro more. I loved the little vocie over stuff. Normally, I would pull my hair out, but that was really enjoyable.

As was watching Trey dance for a good portion of his sets. He and Jennifer REALLY connect, and I love their harmonies.

The guitar solo (during Sultans Of Swing) done by the horn section is gigantic. Trey seemed to be losing his voice in Vermont, and it was pretty noticeable when he was talking to the crowd at one point, so by the time Sultans came out, he was really pushing it.

Maybe it was just me, but that was what I was hearing. The acoustic section with the VYO was cool.........

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I can hardly remember the rain. What an amazing weekend. Hopefully Dave Ables will read this and once again hear my sincerest thanks for being the most amazing host ever. This guy rented a johnny-on-the-spot for us Scanks, put up Canadian flags to mark the way, had coffee for us both mornings, let us camp on his land, showed us an amazing breakfast place, entertained us with Bobby impressions and was an overall great companion for the weekend. People like that restore my faith in humanity.

On to Trey.... Dressed to the nines in PVC outfits and ponchos, we headed to the fairground, greeted by a light drizzle and LOTS of mud. We headed to the front row of the very tall stage and were able to catch glimpses of Fishman holding his baby and Bouche caught a glimpse of Page as well. This had me thinking that YES, maybe they will actualy play together! Exciting prospect.

Trey and band took to the stage, and from note one, had me dancing and in complete awe at my close proximity to my hero. I could even see his nose scrunch up! They played almost the entire album and I am so glad they did. I thought the album was a bit weak under the restrictions of the studio. These songs had a completely different energy and life on stage. The horn section, the percussionist. WOW!!! [Eek!] It was obvious to me that Trey likes the horns. He would set down his guitar and just dance to them, huge grin on his face.

The percussionist stole the show at times, coming to the front of the stage and dancing a jig, another time sporting a washboard and freaking out all over the stage.

There were several very moving moments. We found out that $100,000.00 was being donated by Trey to build a music wing on a local library. Trey invited out some young, local string musicians to join him for a few songs that brought tears to my eyes with how beautiful they were.

This show blew me away and I so badly wanted to keep on keeping on and go to Radio City Music Hall tonight.

Special thanks to Kevin, and his VW bus, who ensured we made it to the show. And to Jeff, the dude on crutches, who ensured we got home okay. Thanks dudes.


Quote of the weekend:

Bouche: Man that second encore rocked man.

Treyter: ???

Bouche: Yeah, when Mike, Page and John came out and did Gotta Jibbo, that fuckin' rocked!

Treyter: Hmmm. I don't remember the boys coming out. Jiboo eh? Yeah I kinda remember that.

Bouche: Well there were an awful lot of people on stage.

Treyter: Yeah I guess I do remember that. Man I was wasted. [big Grin][big Grin]

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(Here is a tiny portion from a review of the Tweeter Center show, the night before Vermont)

So I was hoping we might get a guest for the encore. Not expecting, but

hoping. It couldn't have gone any better than it did. I mean the place went

nuts when Mike came out. I'll say this much: as great as the trey show was

and I'm sure others have been, I miss Phish. I miss the familiarity of it.

well i was one happy camper seeing mike come out. I missed him too. Now I

did NOT expect to hear Mike's song ... imagine if you could the place going

even MORE nuts when half way through the horn intro half of us realize Mike

is about to sing. I don't know if I've ever enjoyed that first verse more

than I did then--not because it was the strongest (far from it ... ) but

because of that little glimpse into the past and potential future. Anyway

that was my sentiment. The Mike's was atypical as you could imagine. Once

the jam segment was hit things got interesting. I don't remember much about

the actual jam actually, I think I was just smiling really, really hard.

What i do remember is saying "no way" when Weekapaug showed up .... hearing

Mike throw out those bombs again (albeit shorter than usual ...) was nice.

But the highlight of the encore followed all this when the horns left and

the rhythm section chilled out to let trey and Mike duel for a solid bunch

of minutes. THIS was special. this was old friends doing something they

hadn't done in a long time, and it was really, really good. Gorgeous. And

they were toying with us too .... right before the horns came back out trey

started doing one of his quintessential repitive riffs over Mike's line as

if to say "remember this? we use to use this as a launch pad ... and we

could do it right now if we wanted to ... maybe we will again sometime soon


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That show was a lot of fun. IT's a good thing that we had poor weather training camp at the CT fest in May.

Catphish tried to scare the rain away with a tweet or two from the recorder, but it didn't work. I think it was her evil tones that she sent out. Trey made it stop pretty quickly, although, he DID have THAT guitar.

There is nothing like watching Trey up close. He is a perfect example of how one's musical energy can be manifested in multiple forms. I think his face shows more than most faces. A very cool effect for me was their use of multi-coloured strobes in Mr. Completely. I was in the strobe-zone, so the effect was in full force. Watching Trey disappear and reappear is pretty damn cool to that trippy-ass tune.

It was so wonderful to run into everyone at set break. I thought it actually might be tough there, as there was an entire covered seating area, along with the muddy ground. Luckily, everyone was on one side of the sound board.

The after-party at Vermont Dave's was plenty of fun, but it was hard to keep going too late.

Thanks to boyscout Lowroller for continuing to work on the fire. You got some good flames going my man! DaveO sat in on the banjo and we had a few really cool jams.

Nero will be playing in Burlington on July 12th. It's a friday!

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