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CTMF Poster and Free Poster Offer


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Hello everyone! i am just wondering if anyone knows who may have manipulated this poster (spring 2001 CTMF) in order to create a 2002 poster? a friend of mine saw a couple of manipulated ones in london earlier this summer. my boyfriend is the original artist of this poster and feels somewhat used. he is an independent artist trying to do the most he can with his art. we are not angry, but just want to put credit where credit is due.

we created 10 posters for the canada day festival 2002 (see below) and we have two left. we did not sell them, just gave them away to friendly people. if you would like one of the two that are remaining, please post a reply and the first two individuals will recieve them. -

thanks everyone~

amanda [Wink]

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hey KEVO

i know it;'s been a while, but we still have a poster here for you, we just need your address. either post it or send me an email to phishin4mango@yahoo.ca


your poster is on the way

SHOW WHORE, sorry, but the other two beat you out this time. keep your eyes peeled for more offers!!!!!!

we found out what had happened with the manipulated poster, and were a little unhappy, so it has taken a few days to restore our faith in this scene and what art really stands for, be it visual or musical.

take are all!!

amanda [Razz]

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Hey Amanda,

It's Mary - thanks so much for the poster you guys gave me at the Phil Lesh show... it's awesome and is hanging on my wall.... a great reminder (along with my foggy memory) of an amazing eve....

Hopefully see you out and about partying soon....

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amanda & chris,

i think booche and i will make it to moe. down, and what better way to commemorate the occasion than buying a cool poster from kind people.

can i get my name on the list for 2 please?

if at all possible i'd love to avoid having them @ moe.down (before or after is fine)--i tend to get pretty messy in such places and lose more than just my shit [Wink]

thanks, hood


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