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cross canada grooves (a little help please?)

snarfmaster C

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hi folks,

i'm making my way across the country ---- leaving vancouver tomorrow morning headed for peterborough and beyond

i've got very limited internet access so i don't have the time to check out every bands tour dates..... my question of you all is --- are there any bands worth checking out playing between here and there in the next two weeks? [Confused][Confused][Confused] a little something to breeak up the long haul through the prairies would be excellent.... any sanctuarians livin in the flatlands?????

so if you know of any bands making the cross country trek or local bands along the way list em off for me, wouldya?

any help or suggestions are much appreciated. i've also got room for a rider if you've packed light, so if you're interested give me an email.

thank you kindly


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Alberta shows:

Friday July 5th and Sat 6th, Greenroom @ the Canmore Hotel.

Friday July 5th and Sat 6th, FreeFlow @ The Venue in Kensington <--this place new? anyone know these guys?

Saturday July 6th Recipe From a Small Planet @ the Night Gallery.

Saturday July 6th, Blue Quarter @ the Night Gallery open for RFASP

July 15th, Recipe @ the Karma Arts House

July 22 and 23rd Blue Quarter @ the Rose and Crown IN BANFF

July 22 and 23rd Recipe @ the Rose and Crown IN BANFF

Friday July 26th and Saturday 27th, Recipe @ The Venue in Kensington

Friday July 26th and Saturday 27th, Blue Quarter @ The Venue in Kensington

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If your around London, ON...my band plays every friday @ Passage to India/Rose and Crown II on the corner of Waterloo & Horton. No cover and good food at the place till 11:00. We're a very new band and it's always good to see some new faces. If we don't see you though, enjoy your travels and have a safe trip. There are also two new Nugget (the first two in London) shows being put on at Baccus Lounge on wed. July 10th w/ Threat from Outerspace and the following week, wed. July 17th w/ Freeflow...two killer acts not to be missed...

Giggles [big Grin][big Grin][big Grin]

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thanks for your help....

i have successfully traversed the majority of this vast country with a brief stop in downtown winnipeg for an evening at an outdoor festival (loslobos and others)

otherwise uneventful, unless you count the few freak-out sessions as i adjusted to the presence of mosquitos and blackflies..... i'll be the one at the nero show tonight lookin like i've got the chicken pox!

freak out

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