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New city's for the Watchtower


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The following cities are now on active watch status for the Watchtower on the main page.

If you would like to add these cities to your personalized watch tower,

1. click on the "add show watch" if it isn't configured, or the "edit" button if you already have a city configured.

2. on the following screen, select a province.

3. select a city

4. hit OK






Lake Louis

British Columbia:





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Hey H...besides myself and Weezy, im not sure how many full time westerners there are on the board..not many is my guess. Im sure there are some lurkers out there and Id love to get an idea of how many people as well.

Be heard you damned lurkers! just give me a "hell yeah!" or a "Keepin' it real!" reply to this thread if you're out there.

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ha ha - you're right, pudds, the Watchtower is a Jehovahs Witness mag - Let's e-mail those wingnuts and tell them we're reclaiming the term...

I just e-mailed a bunch of bands from the VanCity area and told them to create an account on the skank. They're gonna send me all their tour/show info and I'll post the shit outta it.

When's the East Coast - West Coast rivalry gonna start? - a la Biggie Smalls and Tupac... Don't make me pop a cap in yo ass...

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let the good times roll!


yo biatch! it don't matter how many yo'all recruit---you westerners are a buncha disorganized, lazy-ass, pot-smokin', tree-huggin', long-haired, fellawful eatin', slow-dancin, vegan praisin' hippies who couldn't dream of keeping up wit us organized, eastern, pill-poppin', coke-jammin', benz-drivin', fast-dance dancin', gun-totin', alcoholic, no-conscience havin', weekend-warriorin', reckless and rude pimpin' muthafucka's who be reprezentin' because we be money [Razz]

[big Grin][Wink][big Grin]

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"---you westerners are a buncha disorganized, lazy-ass, pot-smokin',"

Yeah, so whats your point !!?? [Wink]

"...vegan praisin' hippies "

You OBVIOUSLY have never been to the Calgary Stampede [smile] Albertans are known for two things, (maybe more i suppose) DRINKIN' and eating GRADE A ALBERTA BEEF

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hey solar-garlic....no offense here brah but: [Wink]


Albertans are known for two things, (maybe more i suppose) DRINKIN' and eating GRADE A ALBERTA BEEF (cows, and ladies; and yes, there is a distinction

[Razz] making the distinction on the distinction means there ain't much of a distinction [Razz]

catch my drift? [Wink]

[big Grin]

[Razz] yeah i guess when i think of a westerner i usually think of BC and not alberta....who gives a shit about alberta anyways dude?

calgary stampede? WTF? isn't that in Kentucky? [Eek!][Roll Eyes]

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"Mah bidness wit' Mr. Computa Bitch ain't finished. I aks tha fool his name, and he say it be treyta. Then he try to impress tha W-Dog wit' some o' his computa jive, but I ain't havin' it. Save it foe tha suckas that be innerested in that boo-ya. Don't get me wrong: Lotus software be tha BOMB, an' a big shoutout to all tha homiez at Dell, 'cause all y'all help tha W-Dog do his thang in STYLE. But a real man don't make his livin' wit' his ass parked in front of a computa all day, know what I'm sayin'? It one thing to use a computa to assist you in yo' day-to-day bidness, but when tha computa be yo' whole hustle, that shit be WACK. Ever see what them computa bitchez do to numbas? It ain't natural. Numbas ain't supposed to be code, they supposed to quantify shit. I could go into it mo', but all that deep shit's probably way ova yo' head."

H. Kornfeld


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and the hickgates are open! i see am too slow to edit my posts as well:) after reading my AB beef/cow/women post, it doesn't quite have the meaning it did when i thought it up ??

oh, and where the hell do I get that game, Bouche?? Do they have one for chuckwagons too? That would be sweet. Ill be the first to admit that people are a little, ahem, DIFFERENT in Calgary.

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quantify!!!!! hahahahahahah now that shit is rich!

aiiight it go like dis...yo i be puttin' up da props ta tha W-pup, an uno i may be chumpin' it up, but i break it down for u slow, most muthafucka's ain't neva been around so they don kno?

i be buyin' i be sellin, yo ass u bitch, 'cause i gots mo money than a scratch got itch.

i work real hard on yo gurl all night, i slapped the ho so bad the bitch turned white!

when u gets back from yo 9-5 remember it be treyter who gots tha jive,

he knows how to live and gots much more to give

it all end up that you just a w-pup.

one day u recognize dat yo work ain't all dat...if you just start then you might stop yo flap.

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From another thread:

"Mind you, if you have 25 bucks a month extra, you can upgrade to Ultra highspeed and download at approx 390 KB/sec. WIth that, they allow you 10 gig total downloads and 10 gig total uploads a month. Your upload speed goes up to about 60 KB/sec too."

Here in the WEST, i get all this for one low monthly price, UNCAPPED!! Thats all i have to say about that. (for now) [Razz][Razz][Razz]

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