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Compiling My Life Story


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I need some help here. I've been working hard to try to compile a list of every show I've ever gone to and I'm running into a few brick walls. If anyone has a list of shows they have gone to, shows in Toronto I probablt went to or any help, I'd really appreciate it. Here's what I have so far, but it'll always be a work in progress.

I'd also love to see if anyone else has done this, just for curiousity sake.

Thanks everyone!


Our Lady Peace/Everclear 1/18/97- Gardens, Toronto, ON

Dave Matthews Band/Groove Collective 5/5/98- Arrow Hall, Toronto, ON

Bela Fleck 10/27/98- Opera House, Toronto, ON

Dave Matthews Band/New Meanies 11/14/98- Corel Centre, Ottawa, ON

Dave Matthews Band/New Meanies 11/17/98- Gardens, Toronto, ON

Barenaked Ladies 11/26/98- Massey Hall, Toronto, ON

Merl Saunders/One Step Beyond 3/27/99- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Moe. 4/18/99- Opera House, Toronto, ON

Ben Folds Five 5/5/99- Guvernment, Toronto, ON

Zen Tricksters 5/21/99- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Freebeerandchicken 6/4/99- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Santana 6/9/99- Molson Amp, Toronto, ON

Great Big Sea 6/15/99- Molson Amp, Toronto, ON

Stardust Picnic 6/25/99- Fort Henry, Kingston, ON

John Popper Band 9/15/99- Guvernment, Toronto, ON

Gov’t Mule 10/5/99- Opera House, Toronto, ON

MMW 10/30/99 Guvernment, Toronto, ON

Counting Crows 11/15/99- Warehouse, Toronto, ON

John Scofield/Charlie Hunter 11/19/99- SUNY Mainstage, Buffalo, NY

Great Big Sea 11/26/99- Massey Hall, Toronto, ON

Jazz Is Dead 11/20/99- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Phish 12/5/99- Bluecross Arena, Rochester, NY

Great Big Sea 1/28/00 Sanderson Centre, Brantford, ON

Jazz Mandolin Project 2/18/00- Opera House, Toronto, ON

Bela Fleck 3/8/00- Warehouse, Toronto, ON

Bela Fleck 3/16/00- SUNY Mainstage, Buffalo, NY

CSNY 3/30/00- Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON

Moe. 4/13/00- Opera House, Toronto, ON

Moe. 4/15/00 Riviera Theatre, Buffalo, NY

String Cheese Incident 4/16/00- Guvernment, Toronto, ON

Burt Neilson Band/Ominous Seapods 5/5/00- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Dave Matthews Band 8/20/00- Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI

Phish 9/8/00 Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY

Phish 9/9/00 Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY

Phish 9/14/00 Darien Lake, Darien Centre, NY

Burt Neilson Band 9/15/00- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Charlie Hunter 10/14/00- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Shakti 11/8/00- Roy Thompson Hall, Toronto, ON

Barenaked Ladies 11/24/00- Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON

Bela Fleck 11/25/00- Convocation Hall, Toronto, ON

Barenaked Ladies/Guster 12/2/00- HSBC Arena, Buffalo, NY

MMW 12/3/00- Warehouse, Toronto, ON

Mike Clark’s Prescription Renewal 3/12/01- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Bela Fleck 3/13/01- SUNY Mainstage, Buffalo, NY

Burt Neilson Band 3/30/01- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Disco Biscuits 4/10/01- Tralf, Buffalo, NY

David Gray 4/24/01- Warehouse, Toronto, ON

Moe. 4/26/01- Opera House, Toronto, ON

Moe. 4/27/01- Auditorium Theatre, Rochester, NY

Gordon Lightfoot 5/25/01- Massey Hall, Toronto, ON

Burt Neilson Band 6/8/01- Casbah, Toronto, ON

Trey Anastasio 7/26/01 Lakewood, Atlanta, GA

The New Deal 8/16/01- Ted’s Wrecking Yard, Toronto, ON

Burt Neilson Band 8/17/01- Church, Toronto, ON

So Many Roads Tour 8/21/01- Nautica Stage, Cleveland, OH

YES 8/28/01- Molson Amp, Toronto, ON

Burt Neilson Band 9/21/01- Horseshoe, Toronto, ON

Burt Neilson Band 9/28/01- Casbah, Hamilton, ON

Karl Denson 10/5/01- Lee’s Palace, Toronto, ON

Elton John 10/6/01- Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON

Charlie Hunter/Keller Williams 10/9/01- Opera House, Toronto, ON

The New Deal/DJ Harry 10/20/01- Palais Royale- Toronto, ON

String Cheese Incident 10/23/01- Phoenix, Toronto, ON

Directions In Music 10/25/01- Massey Hall, Toronto, ON

Moe 11/1/01- Guvernment, Toronto, ON

Oysterhead/Dinner Is Ruined 11/7/01- Massey Hall, Toronto, ON

Phil and Friends 11/13/01- Shea’s, Buffalo, NY

Pat McGee Band/Howie Day/Oval Opus 11/17/01- Odeon, Cleveland, OH

Branford Marsalis 12/8/01- Ford Centre, Toronto, ON

Burt Neilson Band 12/20/01- Horseshoe, Toronto, ON

Al.One 1/22/02- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Grand Theft Bus 1/23/02- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Tenacious D 1/24/02- Warehouse, Toronto, ON

Galactic 2/5/02- Opera House, Toronto, ON

Down From The Mountain 2/6/02- Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON

Nero 2/8/02 Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

CSNY 2/12/02- Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON

Uncle Sammy/Lo Faber 2/23/02- Neitzsche’s, Buffalo, NY

Burt Neilson Band 2/28/02- Horseshoe, Toronto, ON

The New Deal 3/8/02- Lyric, Kitchener, ON

Burt Neilson Band/Blue Quarter 3/9/02- Casbah, Hamilton, ON

North Mississippi Allstars 3/11/02- Lee’s Palace, Toronto, ON

Euphoric Side Effects 3/15/02- Club Zone, Montreal, PQ

Jazz Is Dead 3/22/02- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Fila Brazilia 3/29/02- Reverb, Toronto, ON

Blue Quarter 4/3/02- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Burt Neilson Band 4/4/02- Trasheteria, Peterborough, ON

Burt Neilson Band 4/6/02- Horseshoe, Toronto, ON

Keller Williams 4/17/02 Tralf, Buffalo, NY

Moe. 4/18/02 Landmark Theatre, Syracuse, NY

RAQ 4/18/02 Anna’a, Syracuse, NY

Jukejoint 4/3/02- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Mike and Jeff/Caution Jam 4/20/02- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Nero/Rose Garland 4/26/02- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Guster/Gabe Dixon Band 4/27/02- Kuhl Gym, Geneseo, NY

Howie Day/Matt Nathanson 5/7/02- Reverb, Toronto, ON

Jomomma 5/8/02- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Jukejoint 5/10/02- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Aaron McDonald Band 5/15/02- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Grand Theft Bus 5/22/02- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Indigo Girls 5/25/02- Lee’s Palace, Toronto, ON

Metalwood/The Product 6/1/02- Rivoli, Toronto, ON

Trey Anastasio 6/9/02- Tower City Amp, Cleveland, OH

MMW/Bullfrog 6/15/02 JVC Stage, Toronto, ON

Bonnaroo Music Festival 6/21-23/02- Manchester, TN

John Mayer 6/27/02- Opera House, Toronto, ON

Drive-By-Leslie/Jukejoint 6/29/02- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

John Scofield 6/29/02- Nathan Phillips Stage, Toronto, ON

Down From The Mountain 7/3/02- Molson Amp, Toronto, ON

Nero 7/8/02- Horseshoe, Toronto, ON

Phil Lesh/moe./Soulive 7/9/02- Molson Amp, Toronto, ON

Nero 7/9/02- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Jazz Mandolin Project/Hole and Corner 7/10/02- 279, Toronto, ON

Mike and Jeff/Caution Jam 7/13/02- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

String Cheese Incident- 7/16/02 Darien Lake, Darien Centre, NY

YES 7/31/02- Molson Amp, Toronto, ON

Fat Cats/nero 8/10/02- Zooz, Stevensville, ON

Jimmy Swift Band/Aaron McDonald Band 8/13/02- Horseshoe, Toronto, ON

Santana 8/14/02- Molson Amp, Toronto, ON

Robert Randolph/ Sim Redmond Band 8/16/02- Lakeshore Park, Geneva, NY

Allman Bros/Galactic 8/17/02- Darien Lake, Darien Centre, NY

Jamgrass 2002 8/18/02- Tower City Amp, Cleveland, OH

Days Of You/Fat Cats 8/24/02- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Blue Quarter 8/28/02- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Fat Cats 9/3/02- Casbah, Hamilton, ON

Subtonic Monks/Snack! 9/7/02- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Fat Cats 9/17/02- Casbah, Hamilton, ON

The New Deal/DJ Chris Briscoe 9/20/02- Home Nightclub, Hamilton, ON

RAQ/EBKT 10/5/02- Broadway Joe’s, Buffalo, NY

Smokestack 10/12/02- Comfort Zone, Toronto, ON

Jimmy Swift Band 10/16/02- Pepper Jack’s, Hamilton, ON

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Here is the list I currently have going from Toronto shows:

Rheostatics 12.12.96

Black Crowes 10.17.96

Furthur 7.9.97

Another Roadside 8.2.97

Primus 10.26.97

U2 10.27.97

Blues Traveler 11.25.97

Beck/ ben Folds 6.3.98

HORDE 7.28.98

Allman Bros 8.24.98

Ben Harper 10.28.99

MMW 10.30.99

Govt Mule 11.6.98

DMB 11.17.98

Rheostatics 12.4.98

Black Crowes 3.1.99

moe 4.18.99

phish 7.20.99

Jazz Mandolin 2.18.00

CSNY 3.31.00

Phish 7.6.00

Eric Clapton 6.9.01

MMW 6.24.01

Paul Simon 7.10.01

BNLw/ Sarah Harmer 7.12.01

DMB 8.10.01

KDTU 10.5.01

Oysterhead 11.7.01

New Deal 12.31.01

Tenacious D 1.24.02

Galactic 2.5.02

Hope some of those help.


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i'd consider 'shows' to be something i buy a ticket for, not just paying cover. funny, i just found (last night) a pile of old ticket stubs, so i'll share them with you all. i'm sure there's more somewhere but this'll be enough for now.

these are all the stubs i found, not just music, and they're not in order cuz it's late and i'm lazy.

big sugar - porter hall sept 26 1999

phish - molson amp july 20 99

phish - lemonwheel aug 15-18 98

tennis masters series 2001 - aug 1 2001 montreal

hip - corel centre dec 6 2000

acdc - corel centre aug 12 2000

fresh festival (roots, parliament) - ottawa july 14 2000

phish - molson amp july 6 2000

67's vs. generals - civic centre march 31 2000

kiss - corel centre sept 21 2000

csny - ACC march 30 2000

black crowes / oasis / spacehog - molson amp may 22 2001

hayden - zaphod's sept 15 2001

rheos - barrymore's nov 26 1998

rheos - zaphod's 2 dec 1999

dmb - corel centre apr 20 2002

67's vs. majors - civic centre apr 9 2002

prince - NAC june 16 02

hip / sarah harmer - bluesfest july 11 02

trey - burlington june 15 2002

new deal - barrymore's oct 4 02

renegades vs. eskimos - frank clair stadium oct 6 2002

black crowes / moke - warehouse march 1 99

phish - knick nov 25 1998

moist / i mother earth - warehouse jan 31 97

jazz mandolin - opera house feb 18 2000

oysterhead - massey hall nov 7 2001

mmw - NAC oct 2 2001

dmb - corel centre nov 14 1998

olp / ime / moist / 5440 / tea party - western fair jun 26 97

hayden - embassy may 9 1998

sloan / superfriendz - progress bldg mar 27 1997

new deal - babylon jan 18 02

that dog - embassy july 22 97

rheos - princess cinema feb 23 02

phish - big cypress (i forget the date... help a brother out)

la corrida - plaza de toros de sevilla (bullfight in seville) may 12 02

radiohead / teenage fanclub - alumni hall london aug 18 1997

radiohead - aug 16 1997 opera house (free stealth show - best show ever)

there's lost stubs out there for wilco, stereolab, tortoise, ominous seapods, shane mcgowan, elvis costello, paul simon, simon and garfunkel at skydome, blue rodeo, etc...


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Northern Wish: man some of the shows on your list took me back brother. Especially that Ben Harper 10/28/99 and 10/29/99 and then MMW 10/30/99!!!! Three days I still don't think I've sobered up from.

I also remember 10/27/99 I saw Guster at the Shoe. Whooo what a kick-ass week that was huh?

Ben Folds 6/3/98 was at Lee's Palace was it not?

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Dude of Life was also 11/26/98 w/BNB

I missed all those shows. aw well.

I didn't know Foxtrot Zulu came to TO. I would've gone to that.

My belief is good music is worth chronicling, no matter how much you paid for it. JSB last nite was fantastic and free but I paid $30 for Fila Brazilia and it was crap. They are both on my list though.

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I have a tape of a Gov't Mule show from 08/16/97 at the Opera House, Toronto, the first time the band came to Toronto (and my first Mule show) - was the Radiohead show an afternoon thing? This isn't Shainhouse BTW, it's Karen, but the computer I'm at still logs in under his name.

I love reading these lists, but unfortunately, I don't have the time or memory to try to document it all back to 1975 (the year of my first real concert...and no it wasn't anything terribly cool like Zeppelin or Dead, but instead The Beach Boys at CNE Grandstand).

Peace [smile]

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What about Jazz Is Dead (Alphonso Johnson AND Jimmy Herring were there) in early Winter 98 or was it middle/later Winter 99 at the CoZone?

Killer. Best thing I have ever seen at that bar but one of the few.

This looks like it would have been rather nice:

radiohead - aug 16 1997 opera house (free stealth show - best show ever)

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Too bad I wasn't at the Opera House for the entire day if Radiohead played earlier - they weren't the support act for the Mule were they? This off mulebase.com -


Toronto, ON Canada

The Opera House


Set: John The Revelator *> Rocking Horse > Mr. Big > Painted Silver Light > Thelonius Beck > Game Face > Temporary Saint, Thorazine Shuffle, Birth Of The Mule, She Said She Said > Tomorrow Never Knows jam, Pygmy Twylyte > Blind Man In The Dark > Drums > Blind Man In The Dark, Mother Earth, Trane > Mule > I've Been Workin' > Mule

Encore: Kind Of Bird, Young Man Blues > Good Morning Little Schoolgirl > Young Man Blues

Soundcheck: Born Under A Bad Sign, Mule > Who Do You Love? > I've Been Workin', Temporary Saint

Setlist Notes: * Allen on mandolin

BTW Shain, is there a way to change login names on this computer (rather than me posting as you)?

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