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Comfort Zone back soon?


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FYI, C-zone's listed as a venue for the Winterfolk festival http://www.winterfolk.com




Comfort Zone 480 Spadina Ave., 416 975 0909 (All Ages)

7 PM Blues Guitar Workshop with Josh White Jr.

8 PM Finger Picking Styles with Josh White Jr, Mr. Rick, Brian Gladstone

and Slowpoke's Eddie Baltimore

9 PM Bill Colgate

9:45 PM Norman Liota

10:30 PM Linda M

11:30 PM Melwood Cutlery

12:30 AM Terry Tufts

El Mocambo 464 Spadina Ave., 416 923 2623

7:30 PM Bob Snider

8:30 PM Lynn Harrison

9:30 PM Brian Gladstone

10:30 PM Brent Titcomb

11:30 PM Serena Ryder

12:30 AM Julian Fauth & David Rotundo

Oasis 294 College St., 416 975 0845

7 PM Donna Dunlop

8 PM Brian Katz

9 PM Peter Verity

10 PM Danny Bakan

11 PM Brown Ale

12 AM Nonie Crete


Ranch Relaxo 300 College St., 416 920 0366 (All Ages before 9 PM)

7 PM Lenore

8 PM Howard Gladstone

9 PM Josh White Jr.

10 PM Jory Nash

11 PM Marianne Grittani

12 AM Wendell Ferguson

Silver Dollar 480 Spadina Ave., 416 975 0909

7:30 PM Alfie Smith

8:30 PM Brian Blain

9:30 PM Madd Scientists

10:30 PM Josh White, Jr.

11:30 PM Mr. Rick + the Biscuits

12:30 PM Slowpoke


Comfort Zone

2 PM Showcase TBA

4 PM Ryan Schneider

5 PM Anne Louise Genest

5 PM Sara Kamin

8 PM Women Who Write: Lenore, Donna Dunlop, Linda Saslove, Suzie Vinnick

9 PM Danny Bakan

10 PM Nonie Crete

11 PM Bob Snider

12 AM Wordsmiths: w/Howard Gladstone, Peter Verity, Jory Nash, Noah Zacharin

El Mocambo

4:30 Jim Fay

5:15 Motel Darlene

6:30 PM Madd Scientists

7:30 PM Likewater

8:30 PM Ron Nigrini

9:30 PM Raoul & the Big Time

10:30 PM Michael Pickett

11:30 PM Erin Smith Band

12:30 PM Ember Swift


2 PM Brian Katz & Martin ven de Ven

3 PM Jeremy Woodland

4 PM Linda Saslove

5 PM Donna Marie Marchand

6 PM Kristin Sweetland

6:45 PM James Oakes

8 PM Six String Masters: w/ Wendell Fergusson, Don Bray, Tony Quarrington, B. Gladstone, Terry Tufts, Alfie Smith, JP Cormier, Brian Blain, Marcus Sturrock.

10 PM Melwood Cutlery

11 PM Noah Zacharin

12 AM JP Cormier

Saturday, February 1, 2003

Rancho Relaxo

3 PM Marianne Girard

3:45 PM Dennis O'Toole

5 PM Audience Participation Songwriting w/ Laura Smith, Marianne Grittani, Marianne Girard, Lynn Harrison

7:30 PM Galitcha

8:15 PM a Girl Named Sue

9:30 PM Suzie Vinnick

10:30 PM Ian Tamblyn

11:30 PM Norm Hacking

12:30 PM Folksingers Jam w/Norm Hacking, friends and guests

Silver Dollar

2:30 PM David Gillis

3:15 PM Arlene Bishop

4 PM Jeremy Woodland

5 PM Marcus Sturrock

5:45 PM Cris Cuddy

7:30 PM Serena Ryder

8:30 PM Don Bray

9:30 PM Noah Zacharin

10:30 PM Brian Gladstone

11:30 PM Julian Fauth Band featuring Madagascar Slim

12:30 PM Jack De Keyser

Sunday, February 2, 2003

Winterfolk Festival Closing Day Performance Schedule,

Convocation Hall, 31 King's College Circle, 416 978-2100 (All Ages)

1:15 PM Lynn Harrison

2:00 PM Terry Tufts

2:45 PM Tannis Slimmon

3:15 PM Norm Hacking

4:00 PM Lori Cullen

4:30 PM Brian MacMillan

5:00 PM Session: Tom Rush, Norm Hacking, Ian Tamblyn, Brian Gladstone

6:00 PM Brian Gladstone

6:45 PM Brent Titcomb

7:30 PM Michael Pickett

8:15 PM Ian Tamblyn

9:00 PM Laura Smith

9:45 PM Tom Rush

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Originally posted by Tooly:

isnt that what happened at the casbah as well?

Casbah the business was sold to Jim ????(I beleive) he's the guy that owns The Funky Monkey(so you can figure out what kinda crowd) and The Lounge,possibly other bars,but I'm not sure.La lunas still owns the building.

The reasons for the change of hands varies with each person I,ve talked to,but more less it wasn't being run right is about the only common thing between the people I talked to.

All I know is the last night I was there was a Fat Cats night and the guy behind the bar told me that "Our kind wouldn't be here very long",sure enough a couple people were asked to leave,in turn a few of us left never to return.

What the place is like now I can only guess,but I am sure its not for me.

Too bad had alot of great times there.

As for the comfort zone,I never cared for the venue but I did see a hell of alot great shows there and it is always a downer when a venue that provides great music regulary, closes.


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