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esau what a drag! i was hoping you'd be there next weekend. have to do it up soon after, then.

i am super pumped about seein the slip. i know you shouldn't build things up, but i'm a slip virgin and i'm really hoping they knock me on my ass!!! wooooohooooooooooo!

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Given the Shaker circumstances and the likelihood that this is the Slip's only Canadian date it seems more and more likely that tickets for this show will at least come close to selling out. I think getting them in advance or at least early on the day of might be in order. It's a personal choice though as Admission.com tacks on quite a healthy service charge. Will YOU take the risk and possibly find yourself spending Thursday night at La Belle Province?

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Please, check out the Slip interview I did off the main Jambands page... I only write these things for you folks to dig into! It's pretty revealing about what in store for the group in Montreal....

see-y'all in Montreal....

U.F. Productions, NLE and Jamhub.ca present

The Slip w/ Grand Theft Bus


Thursday May 27th @ The Cabaret Music Hall

2111 St-Laurent Montreal www.admission.com

I'm so pumped!



Shaker Cancelled:

As some of you may know, the Shaker Fest in New Brunswick has been cancelled. However, we are still playing in Montreal at The Cabaret on Thursday, so come cross the border for a night of disorder

sounds like they are pumped too.

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