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Bela Fleck - Toronto: review and photos


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Guest Low Roller

Nice. I tried going to the Montreal show, but it was sold out. [Frown] But I got really really trashed [smile] But I had to get up early the next day [Frown] But it was a nice sunny spring morning [smile]

So good show I take it?

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A great review and absolutely brilliant pics! They bring back lots of fond memories. What a wonderful show it was. And thanks Sharon for including this paragraph:

"Another highlight was a moment between Bela and Wooten where they began in a riff exchange, bouncing riffs back and forth in a sword-fight fashion. Wooten reached out and slapped Bela’s banjo to which he returned a punch on Wooten’s strings, they continued for quite some time, plucking, punching and slapping each other’s strings to the audience’s delight. "

I remember that exchange so vividly ... I was laughing to myself so hard that I thought I was going to explode.

All in all a great show!

Peace, Mark

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Originally posted by in the review:

Chris Wood is the only other percussion musician that has made me feel that way.

Great review, now it looks like I should have dragged my friend to Massey Hall for the show. Chris Wood (if we're thinking of the same Chris Wood from MMW) is percusive yes, but only while slapping his big upright bass.

Can't wait to hear this show. Someone was getting SHNs tonight? Is this up on the archive or somewhere else?



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