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The Goods on Archove.Org?!?!?!?!?

zimmerman pt3

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I just dicovered Archive.org and I'm flabbergasted with all the GDead they got!!!

I'm not quite acquinted with much post Dead 80/90s (I won't say why so I can save face and not get flamed), so I'm looking for some KILLER post 80s versions of tunes that stand way out!!

Any choice recommendations from the archive you know about?

I can at least recommend, with awesome delight, my favorite rip-roaring Morning Dew that's listed there:

1973-09-11 - William and Mary College Hall - Jerry tears the climax absolutely apart! And Ketih accentuates it with some beautiful key fills! But be sure to pair this with the Dark Star that precedes it; the last 4 minutes has the chunkiest Bass solo from Phil that segues into Dew in a most eerie way!! ::

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lately i've been getting regular hard-ons from 3.27.88, especially the 2nd set, more specifically the scarlet>fire, which has probably become my new favourite scarlet>fire. not to discount the first set, which is a shitload of fun, too!

i'll get back to you with a show from '82 that i love, too... i just gotta check the date when i get home from work..

edit to add: 3.29.90 (best.eyes.ever!) and 10.09.89 (playin>uncle john's>playin' reprise>darkstar - the rest is gravy!)... if you dont have them, get them.

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these are officially my favourites from a mixture of time periods, all available on archive.org...

ok this is it...

Disc one

china cat 9/16/93

I know you rider 9/16/93

mexicali blues 1/2/72

truckin 4/17/71

mama tried 4/17/71

bobby mcgee 4/14/72

big bertha 5/15/77

st. stephen 5/15/77

dire wolf 11/07/85

jack straw 10/22/78

ripple 4/29/71

viola lee blues 4/21/69

Disc two

love the one you're with 4/17/83

big river 6/10/73

deal 10/22/78

samson and deliliah 7/18/82

casey jones 4/29/71

scarlet begonias 5/4/77

fire on the mountain 5/4/77

west LA fadeaway 9/11/83

brokendown palace 6/8/77

Disc 3

brown eyed women 4/14/72

wharf rat 11/2/84

bird song 8/27/72

sing me back home 8/27/72

terrapin station 2/6/77

morning dew 5/8/77

rueben and cerise 4/7/91

they love each other 6/10/73

disc 4

help on the way 7/12/76

slipknot 7/12/76

franklins tower 7/12/76

eyes of the world 6/3/73

dancing in the streets 5/8/77

shakedown street 9/12/81

disc 5

darkstar 4/14/72

sugar magnolia 4/14/72

alligator 4/29/71

hard to handle 4/29/71

lovelight 4/17/71

not fade away 9/16/93

bid you goodnight 4/29/71

for me, this is music perfection... now all I need is a 6 hour road trip!!!


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