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WWF's Miss Elizabeth dead at 42


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I'm not a fan of wrestling, but it was a guilty pleasure of mine in the late 70s to mid 80s. I liked Miss Elizabeth too. As did all teenage boys and non-blind men. The story below is from the Washington Post, but it's probably in every newspaper.

I'm thinking she either died of drug-abuse complications, suicide or that fuckin prick Lugar led her to her own death. Lugar vs Randy Savage ( ex-husband ) would be the one wrestling match that wouldn't be fixed. I hope he gets his hands on that prick.

Ex-Wrestling Star 'Miss Elizabeth' Dies

The Associated Press

Friday, May 2, 2003; 7:27 AM

MARIETTA, Ga. - Elizabeth A. Hulette, a wrestling personality who was known to fans as "Miss Elizabeth," died Thursday. She was 42. Cobb County authorities planned an autopsy to determine the cause.

Emergency personnel responding to a 911 call found Hulette at the home of former pro wrestler Lawrence Pfohl, also known as "Lex Luger." Hulette had been living with Pfohl.

Pfohl was taken into custody on unrelated drug charges and was released on bond early Friday.

Hulette was married to former wrestler Randy "The Macho Man" Savage, and was his manager before they divorced in 1992. She and Savage became popular personalities in the World Wrestling Federation, which they entered in 1985.

Hulette also had managed pro wrestler Hulk Hogan and Pfohl.

Last month, police responded to a domestic violence call at Pfohl's house and arrested him. Pfohl was accused of punching Hulette in the face and was charged with battery.

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Oh my freaking god .... this is a shock.

I'm not sure about that stat, but it is hovering around 20 wrestlers passed on since the beginning of last year. I have a book that came out a couple years ago called Tributes, written by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, which is a series of in depth profiles of wrestlers who have died. At this point, Tributes 2 is pretty much writing itself [Frown]

Rob Not Bob

shocked and stunned

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I agree that active wrestlers are dying at an alarming rate, however, ex-football players are keeling-over almost every day at generally premature ages. Wrestlers and football players have a lot in common too: both have abnormal ballooned weight and a lot ( most ) are using substances that are not good for you in the long term. I guess that's true with rock stars too.

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That is so crazy sad.....

I use to watch westling as a kid...even the cartoon...and Ms. Elizabeth was sooo cool.

I was always in awe of how beautiful she was, and I was completley in love with the Blue sequin dress she use to wear.

and she was so young....that sad....

le sigh...

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