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You know its about time. And, Well,Booche Content.


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I appreciate Booche for his dress wearing, smelly hippy ways! And I appreciate the fact that he found such a wonderful wife.....you are a true Angel Douglas! LOL....

No, really....Booche, you ROCK! How can you not smile when this guy is in a room? The passion he can portray for things...when his voice starts to get louder, his eyes light up and sparkle, he jumps around a bit ....you're an awesome friend Booche!!

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Cheers to em.

Solid,stand-up person & at times has been the voice of reason to me without even knowing it.Much appreciated,respected & my friend.Wouldn't want it or havbe it any other way.

Although when he tries to touch my "no zone" I don't like it

See ya in a couple weeks Andre,I'll show my appreciation alot more then. (*cough*shinkick*cough*)

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