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what kind of hair does she have? if it's not dreads or super long hair that she doesn't cut anyway, get her a gift certificate to her favourite salon. you can never go wrong getting a girl something that makes her feel pretty and pampered. if she's not a haircut-from-a-salon girl, get her a gift certificate for a massage.

do you have any inside jokes? anything you have giggled about together that brings smiles to both of you when you remember them? get her something relating to that.

any movies you know she likes or really wants? dvds are good early relationship presents -- something she'll use and enjoy, that's thoughtful but not too sappy. any bands she really likes? look for live concert dvds.

tickets to an upcoming show she would want to go to?

or contact miss pink to arrange a purchase of some lovely fantasia items. :)

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Do this...

On Christmas morning, do this.

Get up before her and make a trail of rose petals that leads from the bedroom to other places in the house.

At intervals, have a small wrapped gift. One with some chocolates that she really likes, another with a robe, something silky, another with massage oil, another with a massager, another with a CD she really likes (something slow and sexy preferably), then have the trail of rose petals end-up in a room with you in it where you can put the music on, feed her the chocolates, oil her down, and give her a massage. After, she has a new silky robe to put on.

Just a thought....

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