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HAHAHAHAHA! that's hilarious. if you're talking about NYE I remember that happening...didn't know it was stapes. made me laugh.

good times even with the bus syndrome.

bus stops...'what happened? where are we??'...bus keeps going...bus stops...'what stop is this?'...but if bus stops and bus stops and bus stops, the driver gets complaints.

somebody get stapes an oc transpo hat.

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Da boyz said that we should stop by as they were having a 'few' people over. I popped by for a few minutes early on and the word was a quiet night of a few drinks and maybe bowling or poker.

Sounds like it turned into a full on party. heh heh.

quiet nights are impossible at 40 main.

That could be the slogan if 40 main were a bar.

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Yeah, I showed up around 1:30-2:00 maybe...meggo came stumbling down the stairs like a zombie and I asked if you were OK...no answer...continuing towards Stapes, you asked him something but he was to beligerent, then he changed the song, and you were not happy...and turned around and went back upstairs...

It was priceless!

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