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fu©k Yeah! Black Crowes Gigs!!


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From Jambands.com:

Chris and Rich Robinson and the Black Crowes Join Hands

Speculation and rumor regarding a potential Black Crowes reunion finally has been borne out. The Robinson brothers, Chris and Rich, will reassemble a version of the group for five dates at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom beginning March 22. The shows will take place on March 22, 23, 25, 26 and 27 with a different opener every night. As for the Crowes' roster, at present the additional players have not been announced.



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RIGHT THE F ON! At the tail end of the Allman Brothers Beacon run, too! This calls for a roadtrip, methinks.

Check out these [VERY] brief clips I saw last week of Chris and Rich playing together again:

clip 1

clip 2

clip 3

I hope those links still work. My apologies if they don't. I just tried to view one and it looked slow, but it looked like it was downloading. They're very brief. This was an acoustic set at an industry showcase, here's the setlist:

Thorn In My Pride


Cursed Diamond

Soul Singing

Wiser Time

Jealous Again

She Talks To Angels

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Heheh... From Relix.com News

Though the last official The Black Crowes performance took place on October 3, 2001, The Robinson brothers have played sporadic shows together over the past year. Last March, Rich Robinson and Crowes’ keyboard player Ed Harsch joined Chris Robinson and Gov’t Mule onstage at The Jammy’s for “Sometimes Salivation.”

Sometimes I salivate too... I can relate.


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