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So PoG is unemployed again. was I really employed?


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Long story short... the a$$hole President of the company I was about to work for payed me at a rate of 3 dollars an hour less than what was negotiated at the time of hire...

So I called him on it to which he replied that there was no way that he would hire anyone at that rate and that people had been working for him for years as managers that dont make that much...

To which I stated that he had written down the dollar amount that he offered me and said he was hiring me at that rate due to my previous retail management experinece... I replied that there was no way that I would have even accepted what he thinks he said he would pay me at the time of hiring...

now I have no job... I guess i look at this as a blessing in disguise... Whose got my heady Job? Please?

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sh!tty deal PoG ::

Chin up though my friend, I've never forgotten how you protected me at that Hamilton Slip show; I believe the time has finally come to tap into those under-celebrated talents of yours…

Dancers needed for Instructional Dance DVDs


Reply to: jason@jason-greenberg.com

Date: 2005-03-14, 1:56PM EST

Presently casting males and females for a series of 'LEARN HOW TO DANCE' DVD Videos. We are looking for dance teachers or experienced individuals to teach in these videos. We would like to hear from anyone with experience in Salsa, Cha Cha, Ballroom, Hip Hop, Jazz etc. Please include experience in dance as well as picture of yourself.

Fer real though, yer in retail management right? What kind of job are you looking/hoping for? The timing is right anyway… so many are hiring right now. Lemmy (38 sleeps till Motorhead) know if you need any help with you resume or anything.


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Hey thanks for the words of encouragement everyone... Basher hit the nail on the head more than anything... the guy was a fu©king scumbag... i have been questioning accepting the job for about a month and my reasons for questioning it have come to light...

LM, Ill dance for ya in the front row anyday... and thanks for the offer... actually StonedPhillips helped me re work it about a month ago so its in pretty good shape now... i actually had 5 interview calls in a week the week it was redone... but if u have any leads on anything in entertainment retail let me know... tonnes of muisc, books and dvd sales experience... off to monster.ca i go...

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