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One example of police lies


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I was just reading a local news paper here on the Hamilton escarpment (Mountian News), its a weekly newspaper here,usually has some interesting articles in it worth reading.One I read today just proves that the police like to lie about marijuana and try to make it somthing people should be weary of...

Heres a direct quote from the article:

Police seize dope & weapons from mountian location

...Insp.Buck said police found three illegal fighting knives along with 24.5 grams of cocaine worth about $2,450 & 9.2 grams of marijuana with an estimated value of $2,400 in the unit (townhouse)

Now they are claiming that 24.5 grams of coke is worth a mere $50 dollars more then 9.2 grams of herb..talk about exaggeration,that would be $260 a gram for herb... ::

They busted a 17 year kid...

Everytime I read about some herb bust around here the "estimated value" is ridiculously increased each time.

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Its bad!!!! I'm on the east coast in N.B , and theres been alot of high school kids doing it supposedley, as i hear form my younger brothers, and even a couple of overdoeses on it,in the highschool after the death of a student in a car crash!!!! Thats fu©king Crazy to me, i know for sure in highschool i had no idea about the stuff, what it looked like, where to get it nothing!!And i smoke d ym share of grass and all ther other typical highschool drugs!Now it seems as with all drugs readily available to the masses, including young kids!! Thats Sick!!

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how the hell did a seventeen year-old kid get 24 grams of coke? does anybody else see a problem here? i am very prejudiced against coke, sorry. pot, go right ahead and smoke it, grow it, wear it fu©k it, i don't care. but seventeen year-olds doing coke? WTF?

most of the young people (17/18) I run into have tried heroin at some point (which I haven't even tried)... go prohibition! much of society tends to treat all drugs as equal (illegal and morally unacceptable) and that sends out a dangerous message to a kid who is looking to escape the awkwardness of adolecense and the crushing reality of suburban box store life... if a kid buys pot off the black market odds are he'll end up with access to whatever else is available on the black market... some dealers (not all) are just happy to make a sale

regardless of what american television says: BC bud and cocaine are not the same thing at all

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in some ways i find weed more potent than hard drugs, but in other ways they're obviously more serious.

I agree wholeheartedly with Pais on this one...if it's put in the same boat it'll all sink quicker.

that kid musta had some awesome weed for it to be worth $260 a gram...that's like 30x more potent. she-yit!

i bet that stuff woulda led to some overdoses ;)

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American television says that BC bud and cocaine are comparable? hahahaha!

More on topic with this thread, though, many years ago a friend of mine was busted with a grow-op in Ontario. The newspapers described it as a "Million Dollar Bust!"; which would have been true if he sold all of it gram-by-gram for 20 bucks each (including the seeds, stems, and SOIL) and without drying it out, first. (In actual fact, it was worth about $100 - 150 grand; tops.)

To this day he tells people that he was "once a millionaire".

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