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Any Trey @ Higher Ground info


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we tried to get tix last night and even had $100 US each to buy.

There were alot of fingers walking around and there weren't even any ticketholders. I almost expected to see someone give up their ticket for some moooolah, but it was hopeless.

We went out to dinner at a great place recommended by Vermont Dave and went back to Higher Ground. It was set break and there were noone smoking anything but tobacco outside...we gotta appreciate where we live ;)

A guy outside said that the lineup was playing mostly the same material. I'm just reading the PT message board checking for the setlist....I need to read something more official. AND I wanna hear it. (I AM THE WALRUS???)

1st Set

Night Speaks 10:07

Cincinatti 10:15

Low (new tune -good stuff) 10:25

Love is freedom (new-tune - acoustic)

Cayman Review (new format-slower, funky, i liked it but heard people bitching at set break- SHOCKER - thumbs up from me)10:57

Mozambique - loved it, no horns, but still great (which is amazing considering the horns play such a huge roll in the TAB version - a testament to the "new sound"...)

Drifting - hardest i danced all night - short, to the point - loved it - ROCKIN'

Mr.Completely- great intro from end of Drifting, you knew it was closing from the second they started it (make sense?) hard - in your face...solid CLOSER

2nd set

Melody/Energy (new tune, trey was into it, good stuff, nice mix of sounds)11:42

Plasma-11:49 pretty standard, nice focus on lyrics

IT'S ICE!!! (just download and listen, hard to explain - Trey forgot lyrics and said, "IT'S ME WHO'S IN CONTROL" he wasn't being "wilsonish" he is after all, "IN CONTROL" - seriously though, great sh!t, i mean - ICE?! come on)12:07

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here you go

4/1/05, Higher Ground, Burlington, VT

set 1

Night Speaks- i was pretty pumped for this since its my favorite TAB song, and that intro lick gets sh!t rockin... played pretty much just like TAB's version, but w/o horns obviously... the fun part came when the song dropped into a kinda spacy-ambient jam, and then trey and skeeto kinda built it a little, and then (almost like they'd rehersed it) it just EXPLODED with supa-shred machine gun trey all over the place... i think i took a few guitar jizz-squirts in the eye loved it!

Cincinatti- its a REAL song now!!! unlike the lame & boring TAB version (in the words of a friend of mine "that song sounds like it should be the theme-music for the show that comes on after "friends"), this was pretty damn cool! the jazzy-into part was really intricate, with all the horn parts spread thru the 2 keys & bass & guitar, and the transition into the other rock section was much smoother and less forced. the jam was SICK- period. ambient & kinda evil & dark... think o-head's matterhorn jams melded with like a mellow stash or maze jam...

Low- finally, some new stuff! was really exited for the new tunes... this one isn't my fave, but is still cool... kinda a country-rock on acid vibe, a few different sections, and lots of tightness from the band... think get back on the train + frank zappa. not too much improv... skeeto = the tightness

Love is Freedom- more or less like the tibet house one, again, not my fave, i think the lyrics are kinda cheesy... this was just trey on acoustic with peter on bass and ray p playing les's piano, skeeto & les left the stage. if trey would just repeat "love is freedom" a few less times, this might turn into a nice 1st set breather tho... it is pretty music

Cayman Review- reworked quite a bit, slower & smuttier than TAB's version... i liked it in parts, and missed the horns in others... not too much improv here...

Mozambique- see cayman review... it didn't seem like they were all the way tight on parts of this... and it didn't quite seem to fit the sound... not surprised they gave it a shot, but also won't be surprised if it doesn't pop back up in may... skeeto's drums at the end were SICK!

"Done" or "Done is Done" or maybe "Can't Be Undone"- not sure of the title of this one, but it was INTENSE... i can't believe its missing from most of the setlists on here... the lyrics were kinda painful, seemed to be about the phishies... also similar to undermind in the "play-on-words" vien, on the word "done". the music was slow & bluesy, but say, hendrix-bluesy rather than haynes-bluesy... serious SHREDDING, and the jam kinda left the bluesy realm and ventured over on into the blissful **peak** jams that i love so much... tough lyrics, but GREAT song, maybe my highlight of the set...

Drifting- gorgous. you guys know this tune... they nailed it, tight, sounds like TAB - horns, or like the phish version only good & rehearsed, depending on how you look at it. more seriously fantastic guitar playing from my favorite redhead

Mr.Completely- the way they DROPPED into this was sick as fu©k... shocking... the composed part was identical to the TAB/phish version, the jam was also quite utah-esque at points... altho it contained lots of good ebb & flow, ranging from ambience to raging freight-train sh!t... les was doing very nasty things to his keys at the end... great version, fantastic jam... seemed more like a vehicle to get them to a place where they can just GO OFF! i think lots of the old-TAB songs are very effective as vehicles to show off the many styles of this band's jamming skills.

2nd set

New Song ???- had a hard time hearing the words of this one... the music was quite structured, and meandered thru a few different sections before hitting a nice bliss/peak jam with a little darkness towards the end...

Plasma- ! SICK the way it just melted into this... incredible. completely reworked from TABs version. very evil & funky... i was afraid... i think i left a puddle of drool on the HG floor...

It's Ice- everyone's making such a big deal out of ice... and it was kinda a big deal... it really didn't feel quite right to me... i'm hoping it was supposed to be a little treat for the home-town "private party" and not a regular thing... it just didn't feel honest & pure, altho the middle section contained some very nice "type 2" jamming, and there is something amazing about seeing trey actually nail 97% of the composed lines with DEADLY accuracy in a small club like that... it just didn't feel right to me... i don't know... the revamped sections were interesting for sure, but its just kinda painful, like pouring salt on an open wound... maybe that was the point...

anyways, i really wish they hadn't done it because obviously everyone is focusing on that, while that was a very small portion of the actual show! it was like 15 mins out of 2 long sets!!

New Song??? maybe "17 ___"- this was absolutely amazing. started off mellow & acoustic (a la tibet house) with trey singing (again had a hard time making out lyrics) and then switched to the 'doc mid-song, and built it into an UNBELIEVABLE ambient/rage jam... like the IT discern but all the way there... SHREDDING in a whole new way... next level sh!t...

Push On- this was a little strange... VERY reworked... no big "push on til the day" chorus anymore, and revamped @ half-time for a very jazzy/bluesy feel.. kinda odd, but i liked it... lost the repetative composed part at the end too. think if a vegas lounge act was covering push on this was fun, but not really earth-shattering...

18 Steps- this song is incredible!! love it. i dug the lyrics (can't remember too many tho) and absolutely dug the song. complex, many different sections, and built to an UNREAL slave/hood/theme bliss-peak in the jam... more guitar jizz... thought that was going to end the set, but instead...

I Am the Walrus- !!! wha happend??? i think i left my body during this jam... fu©king discusting... this time instead of a puddle of drool i left a puddle of brain fluid that leaked out of my ear... just a complete sonic meltdown, almost arythmic to the point of utter chaos, but **just** holding enough structure to mantain... total insanity... an absolutely earth-shattering, mind-blowing piece of improvisational music... can't describe it any better than that, if trey doesn't play this song at the show you're going to on this tour, you totally missed out and should be very disapointed, and get in your car and go to another show.

E: 46 days- for some reason, i found this less offensive than it's ice... don't know why... pretty similar to phish's version, real grinding & slow... pretty tightly played, and had a kinda interesting jam... i was still coming back to earth from the walrus, and this made a nice transition back into the land of reality... had a cool crowd singalong moment which was nice, and overall was pretty decent.

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I really wish we made it in to this show. When we headed over to Higher Ground on Friday night I totally expected a lot scene. There was about 10 people standing in the vicinity of venue all with fingers in the air but not a whole heck of a lot else was going on. Really quiet. Same thing at set break, we strolled by and saw about 10 people out smoking cigarettes (Vermont is now smoke-free in public places). I expected a lot more activity, even outside the venue.

I could find neither treats, nor even solid information about the show from anyone. Just felt weird you know?

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