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out walking the other day...and leaning against the wall of a building was....THE ICE CREAM CONE KID...bent over and picked up europe 72 and an eagles album on vinyl!

I waited around for 15-20 minutes, to see if anyone was coming back for them or anything but no one came.

wow, i've lost a WHOLE lot of albums, cd's, tapes etc...but never have found one...the tides a turning.

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have i tried to play it?

of course! (well at least the europe 72, not the eagles yet)...

you gotta 'listen' to the omens when they happen.

its in great shape.

wow! a QP of fungus. i found about an eighth of skunky weed at boston 12/30/96. funny how groundscores are so memorable....

whats everyones biggest/best/surprising groundscore???

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None of my groundscores have ever been that exciting that they're worth mentioning here. I did, however, witness a hilarious groundscore at a Dead show many years ago...

I think it was in Pine Knob, Mich. 1991 (or something like that) when I saw a cop standing over a nitrous tank announcing that if no one comes to claim it, he's going to open 'er up, and let out all the goodness. The cop waited, then undid the nozzle. Out of nowhere, these three Heads dove for the tank and took turns wrapping their lips around the nozzle where the gas was escaping, while the cop kept pulling one after another off of the tank; yelling at them the whole time. This went on until the tank was empty, with a crowd standing around laughing our asses off...

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