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Question..What exactly is the cannabis community? Is it made up of stoners? As an occasional smoker am I automatically part of the cannabis community? Why isn't there an alcohol community..only drunks, drinkers and lushes? Does the "cannabis community", led by people like emery, do more harm than good to decriminalization?

IMHO when we continually highlight a cannabis community we make it harder to frame a convincing argument that pot is very much a mainstream, normalized thing.

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well herb users are discriminated against while alcohol users are free to do as they wish... the black rights movement came about at a time in history when black folks needed to come together to overcome their oppression

I don't really mind the cannibas culture label, bout as bad as being labelled a Deadhead (which I don't mind at all)

nice on the Acousticats

and though I mentioned the length of the journey, the area around the Sault is one of the nicest I've ever seen anywhere in my travels... pure, clean Canadian shield full of lakes and rivers and hills and mountains... just beautiful

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