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Let's Get Hookah Up Here Once and For All!


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So I know that they ask something like $5000 to play up here. That's probably US too. Not sure. A smaller venue like THe Pepper Jack isn't really the place for them I wouldn't say.

I do know that they want to make it up here. I want them up here. I know many others of you do too. The problem is that I don't know the steps involved in getting a band a gig...

Aaron, I know you dabble a bit and kinda know what's going on with that don't you? Look into getting them to play one of the bigger TO venues. Warehouse, Operahouse..

This is hookah's bassist response after I emailed him asking for contact info for putting together a gig up here:

From :

"Cliff Starbuck"

To :

Subject :

Re: Canada Gigs...

Date :

Tue, 21 Jan 2003 19:15:54 -0500

Hi Keri,

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Our booking agent is Neil Mandel at Neil@KingNimrod.com

Thanks for helping us out! We'd like to make it up there.



They obviously want to come, so let's make it happen!! Nero to open maybe!?

Nero + hookah = one night of mind fucking music!

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I am definitely willing to work with some other people to try and make this happen. An idea is for a group of us to take the risk - if we get 5 or 10 people together, with each person willing to throw in $500 or so, we would have some cash to try to make it happen.

It really comes down to money - can we get enough people to attend a Hookah show to cover the cost of bringing them up here? I don't know, but it seems like it would be worth checking into.

Peace, Mark

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It's not a matter of willingness on Mark Wilsons part it's a matter of budget. The tickets are VERY inexpensive for Frontier Town and Mark tries to pay the artists as well as he can and has gone over budget(meaning that he uses money out of his own pocket to pay the bands) almost every festival. He looked into Hookah once and was quoted a price higher than 5000 US. I can ask him again if he can look into it.

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I agree with Tracy - we contacted EH last year and they quoted us a huge amount of money - definitely over $5000 US - it may have even been $10000 US. That might be their weekend festival rate for U.S. shows, but I dont' think that anyone up here would be willing to pay that kind of money for EH.

Mark Wilson tries his best to get a solid lineup of bands that fits within his budget. He usually ends up going over budget on bands as it is, without even considering a larger act. It is a tough call to make - as soon as a bigger act is booked, ticket prices probably have to go up to cover the increased costs, which changes the event.

That's my 2 cents for now ... Canadian funds [smile]

Peace, Mark

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personally, rather than seeing one huge band at FT, when i can travel the same amount of distance south, and see them there, i'd rather keep our Canadian Brothers. (and cheaper american friends)

FT is great for our local talent. East, West, North, just when you add the money grubbin $$$$ south, things get sketchy.

I'd be fine and dandy with Frontier Town staying the way it is, with the already huge mass of quality talent.

You gimme any of:






Diesel Dog (pleez)


Sanislo's Band

Days of You

Friends of Hefner


there are lots of real quality choices that don't cost an arm and a leg.

After all, wouldn't it just make more sence to put your cash towards a bus to see them in

Western NY or somewhere to that extent?

plus mark has brought NYCity bands, D&T, and drive by leslie, and both faired well, but neither blew me away as our local talent. May 24 weekend was ruled by the fattie reunion and the burn reunion. not to mention JSB rockin as always.

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Fat Cats

Slow Nerve Action

Days Of You


Friends Of Hefner

Moses Mayes

Do any of these bands still exist??

I think it would be awesome to have one or two moderately well known US bands up to Frontier Town.. It would be good exposure for our bands and our scene, as more US heads would see these names poppin' up on the internet and in other media. Not to mention the good tunes we'd get to hear! Then again, of course, money talks. [Roll Eyes]

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I agree with KevO, I think a smaller US band could really spice things up at Frontier Town. I really enjoyed seeing Drums and Tuba up there last year and I'm sure they're glad they made the trek. I'd really like to see Rose Garland play in the Saloon at some point this year as well.

A US bands asking price means nothing, send them an offer with the best you can do and see what happens. The worst thing is they say "no way" right? I don't know about Hookah getting $5000US up here, they played for less than half of that at the Good Forest Music Festival in 2000.

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now i'm just guessing but i bet you could get Bruce Colburne or Big Sugar for less then $5000...what about bringing in a more 'mainstream' canadian act to draw attention to the come together festival and the more freeky acts that play up there...

on the other hand Bob Dylan is only $75,000 - at $30 bucks a ticket youd only have to sell 2500 tix to break even! i'd go see dylan at frontier town for $30! seriously though if somebody had a serious bankroll not only is it possible to promote big acts, its possibly to make money doing it!

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So this has more or less turned into a CTMF discussion? I don't think we need to worry about that. Everything has always fallen into place quite nicely.

If Mark W is getting capacity or near what he wants to have out at his festivals with all the fantastic CDN talent, why bother bringing in a band such as hookah who are asking more than we're (Mark) is willing to pay.

The homegrown feel of the CTMF is undeniable. I really don't think that needs to be tampered with. Plus, I don't think the saloon would still be standing after hookah played a set... [Roll Eyes]

I'm talking about organizing a show or two. Sure you go on about other bands and how much of a better deal they are and more feasible to have come up and play. Fine, do it! I'm not talking about any other bands. I'm talking about ekoostik hookah.

If what Aaron says is true, and hookah would play for less than $5000, than that's great. We're even closer to makin it happen.

If we could get hookah to play a concert theater in TO and have a few hundered people show up, the band would be thrilled. They would also be thrilled to go back to an after party and meet the folks who came out to the show.

I mentioned nero opening because, for one, they said they would be interested, and also, they would draw a substantial crowd, especially seeing them at a bigger venue than they've played in the past. It would be so exciting to see them play a nice concert theater. Can you imagine that sound!

It would be great exposure for hookah, and it would be great exposure for nero, even for the hookah boys to see them. I mean, I can see hookah having nero out to play one of their hookahvilles once they hear that unmistakeable nero sound.

hookahville: 15,000 people + that would put nero on the map for sure!


Bouche, with your equation in place:

BGH + Nero + hookah = one night of mind fucking music!

.... it might be a little too hard of a fucking. People might have a tough time walking out of the place. [Eek!]

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I don't think Hookah coming up this way is meant to be. Oh well, i guess i'll keep forking over all that american loot to keep seeing them. BTW I think frontier town would be the only place to see them up here anyway. You don't want them to play T.O. in front of 150 people. That would be a waste of their time.

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