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okay - 3:30 is NOT coming fast enough...and I'm either going to explode with anticipation of leaving OR I'm going to BLOW UP because I can't walk by the gift table full of treats everyone has sent our company without stuffing something in my face! I don't even like chocolate!!!! but I can't pass up free stuff especially food...I wish i worked where AD worked because I'd rather be drunk than stuffed with junk!

That is all...one hour to go...weeehoooooooo I LOVE DRUNKMAS....

merry drunkmas everyone.

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good thinking, it is 12:07 I think I'll pour the drinks and wake her up....or I could pour drinks for one and attempt the tree myself after about 5 or so in...HA...the tree will be awesome...I will most likely be decorated as well by 3am or so...my mom may just wake up to me passed out under a half decorated tree. Hopefully we have blinking lights because that would make a better story to tell. I love this time of year...

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