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Peanut Butter?


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I'm sittin here eating a peanut butter samich and I got thinking that it would taste good if I had the option of bbq peanuts in my chunky nut butter.

discuss carefully.

What kind of peanut butter are you using currently? I've tried a lot of them over the years, and I think the best out there right now is Loblaws President's Choice "all peanuts" (or whatever it's called; it used to be "Too Good To Be True", but they re-labelled everything a while back), crunchy. It's cheaper than Kraft, and has just peanuts: no salt, no sugar, no oil. You have to stir it up once you open it, and keep it in the fridge, but it has a wonderful advantage over other PBs: it tastes like peanuts. (I've found the best mass-market PB to be the Kraft no-sugar/no-salt, but it's tough to find, isn't cheap, and doesn't seem to come in 1kg jars.)



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I never liked peanut butter until I was an adult and someone made me try toast with peanut butter and banana. I still don't eat it really as in I don't ever have the "I think I'll have a peanut butter and banana sandwich" but if its offered to me I enjoy it.

weird. Sometimes I feel I am alone in the world not really "Loving" peanut butter the way everyone else does. :(

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rumour has it all of the orchard trees around here are budding already. all of our locally grown fruit is going to be screwed.

at least that's what the gas station guy told me yesterday.

maybe enough grammas didn't pickle their cukes this year. i have a cellar full of pickles and peaches that i laboriously produced last year with my mom and aunt and cousins. i could spare a few jars to the cause of dill powder. that shit is good. sometimes i put so much on that i choke. that stuff should come with a warning label.

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