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Man Man @ Zaphods, Ottawa - St. Patties Day


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Just a quick pimp of the show I'll be attending Saturday night.

Man Man are invariably compared to Tom Waits, Capt. Beefheart and Frank Zappa. I definitely hear some Waits in the vocals and instrumentation, admittedly not too familiar with the other two. Christine also picked up some Wolf Parade (Spencer) in the vocals.

I just know about these guys from the Pitchfork Top 50 albums of 2006 list -- #20, and I think it's one of the standout albums on the list.

I also think it's going to be one of those shows Booche would go see and then tell me it was the best of the year and how could I miss it.


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DOn't worry, I was disappointed. The 'show' was excellent, they were super entertaining, but I thought the musicianship was lacking, or maybe the mix was bad so I couldn't hear it or something. The drummer and bassist were pretty wicked, as was the weird guy at the back, but the vocals were strange and i couldn't hear the guitar at all.

super packed at zaphods though. lots of drunks. some younguns up front pushing and shoving a lot, annoying.

anyways, be interested to hear what ollie thinks.

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I was disappointed too. Mostly though by the 11 PM curfew that has been discussed ad nauseum. I was left feeling, "Is that it?". It was a good show but lacked punch. The band seemed a bit sour by the time constraints too so maybe that affected the performance. I still highly recommend their last disc -- Six Demon Bag.

There was a bit of a mosh pit off to the side which I wasn't expecting but it didn't bother me much -- then again I was pretty drunk too!

I didn't think the bar was that packed though, thought it was relatively quiet for a Saturday night. I didn't have any problem getting beer during the set -- pretty much my criteria for what I deem a packed show. ;) The Mill St. Lager on tap was good and you can't beat $8 quarts of Heineken.

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