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Outdoors ideas??


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Ohh sounds like so much fun! Scavenger hunts are good with kids. Have an area outside or in the woods and get them to find pine cones, or different shaped leaves or something. Also it's fun to iron the leaves in between waxed paper to make collages and stuff. That's more of a fall thing because the leaves are all bright different colors.

Another fun thing I loved doing as a kid (sorry this is more of a spring thing). But you take a small stick and go poke the sap bubbles on maple tree trunks, then dip the stick in a puddle of water and watch beautiful rainbow oil like shapes appear.

Collecting rocks and painting them is fun too.

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Could you have the kids plant trees? Several decades back, when I was in Cubs, we participated in "Trees For Canada", which involved getting pledges as to how many trees we'd plant during the (one-day/afternoon) even, in an area that needed them (to prevent erosion in a local park, for example).



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I was a 'campcraft' counsellor many years ago, I'm trying to remember some of the things we did...

You could put signs up around camp with simple symbols, and use them for simple orienteering/mapreading activites. Like number all the spots with signs on a map, and make the kids run around and find which numbers go with which symbols. Or using a compass, make a route for them to follow like "go 25 paces north" leading them around to the different signs. With the little kids, they can just run around looking for the signs.

You can even make a compass by rubbing a nail against a magent, and floating it in a cup of water: http://www.easyfunschool.com/article1352.html

Can you have a campfire? Roasting marshmallows, making smores will keep kids happy.

You could get them to plant different seeds to see what grows - sunflower seeds, carrot tops, avocado, you could even make the grass head things with a nylong stocking full of dirt or something.

You can also make dyes out of different foods and stuff (onion skin, tea bags, fruit, walnut shells).

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hey thanks soo much everyone.. this is wicked!!!!

We are doing orienteering for sure.. lol I have no idea how to do that ..lol guess I'm learning.

The craft ideas are awesome too.. and we are soo having a scavenger hunt :)

Brad M I love that idea... maybe I can look into that too...

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Hey Sarah-I remember playing a game at warren park where we were split into 3 groups, herbivores, omni, and carnivores. We painted our faces in different team colours, and then played something similar to capture the flag. I think we had our own territories and such. Anyway-tons of fun!

You could also collect different things from nature and make prints with them if you have paint.

Are you supplied with string or gimp too? Bracelet making is always good on really hot days!

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Part of what I do is design and teach high end, alternative arts camps.If you are looking for projects that not only take place outdoors but focus on ideas of environment etc I would be happy to help you out.

One of my camps has this specific focus this summer-this is from the brochure so its kinds vague, but I can send detailed project sheets along if it interests you.


An imagining of the footprints that have crossed our planet and the trails still to be made.

Monday-Thinking about the creatures of Silver Creek Wetlands we create large paper mache animal portraits.

Tuesday-What is a habitat? How is it shared and how do we save one? Students create wetland dioramas, thinking about who has and will walk the land, and those footprints that will be left no longer.

Wednesday Continuing on the habitat theme, students look a man’s habitats and natural and sustainable forms of architecture. Students create there own eco home sculptures!

Thursday-Mapping water. An imaginative adventure through where water flows to and from, how it changes, how it travels the globe. Using watercolour of course!!!

Friday-The eco fountain!! Using the paper mache sculptures from Monday, students will collaboratively construct a working water fountain

I also have permission to do projects designed by UK artist Paul Goodrick.His projects are AWESOME.

The DNA self portrait one is fairly easy with some helpers and prep work and turns out great-plus the kids learn about science!!Depending on the organization you work for I could ask him for permission for you as well if you are interested.

Good luck!!

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