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Bill Keith does an excellent banjo filled cover of "No Expectations" on the album:



Though many fans of Bela Fleck don't know who Bill is; they really should.

He developed the melodic style banjo playing that Bela has made famous, way back in the 60's and 70's.

He was one of Tony Trishka's banjo teachers, who of course, would go on teaching the melodic style to Bela Fleck.

The other players on this album are top notch.

Bluegrass fans should get a copy of this one.


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If you listen to CBC then I'm sure you already know who these guys are. But for those who don't, here's a great cover of 'No Expectations' by Canadians Doug Cox and Sam Hurrie.


No Expectations

These guys really are great, the show at Pepper Jacks last year opened with them playing 'France Blues' on a 1939 (I believe) national mandolin and national guitar. They also kicked out Duane's 'Little Martha' and of course 'No Expectations'.

Doug is a world renowned dobro player and teacher. Sam is an amazing acoustic "pre-war" blues guitar player.

Check out this video, its not a stones cover but worth the watch...


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