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It was last night. That page had the wrong date. Maybe tonight will be Working/Beauty . Damn I wish I could have seen this. Here's a bit more detailed setlist from philzone.com:

Warfield Theater

San Francisco, CA

May 13, 2008

Set 1:

Grateful Dead (First Album, 1967)

The Golden Road

(To Unlimited Devotion)

Beat It On Down The Line

Good Morning Little School Girl

Cold Rain & Snow

Sitting On Top Of The World

*$Cream Puff War

*Morning Dew

*New Minglewood Blues

*Viola Lee Blues

Set 2 with Bob Weir:

Anthem of the Sun (1968)

That's It For The Other One

I. Cryptical Envelopement

II. Quodlibet For Tender Feet

III. The Faster We Go,

The Rounder We Get

IV. We Leave The Castle

Nobody's Fault But Mine

New Potato Caboose

Born Cross -Eyed


Caution (Do Not Step On Tracks)

Donor Rap/Intros

E: Not Fade Away

*with Bob Weir, $with Dancers

Phil Lesh (bass, vocals)

John Molo (drums)

Jackie Greene (guitar, vocals)

Larry Campbell (guitar+)

Steve Molitz (keys)

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Set 1: Aoxomoxoa

St. Stephen - vox by Phil

Dupree's - vox by Jackie

Rosemary - vox by Teresa Williams from the side balcony

Rag - vox by Molitz

Mtns - vox by Phil and w/ a nice jam in the middle


Chinacat - vox by Jackie and w/ a nice call and response jam between Larry and Jackie

Baby - vox by Phil and Teresa, alternating verses

Cosmic - vox by band


Dark Star, v1-> - vox by Phil

Skipping on the Atmosphere Jam-> (my title - in and out of space, get it?)

Dark Star, v2-> - vox by Phil

St. Stephen - vox by Karan (and holy shit was this hugely different than the first set version)


The Eleven - vox by Molitz

Lovelight - vox by Karan

Death Don't - vox by Jackie


Goodnite - vox by band

enc: King Bee - vox by Jackie

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Yes, agreed. I should have included the "performance" aspect of the epic-ness :)

There are plenty of shows over the years where I have seen "killer" setlists, yet the show is flat. Same goes the other way with mediocre setlists but fantastic performances (you had to be there type shows ).

Just had to turn down an invitation to a big wedding on July 12th since there's no fucking way i'm missing Phil in Rochester!

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Guest Low Roller

Hey Booche, want to fly down to the UK? I have a spare ticket for the Radiohead show in London in June. It will probably be their biggest show of the tour.

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Hey, if you all of a sudden find a few monies, you should bust a nut and get down there.

Got an email from a person who knows somebody working at the Warfield. They relayed that a bunch of props, etc. that will be housed in the archives at UCSC are in the Warfield for this run. The visual additions should be cool.

Here are a few pics from 5/13:




and the dancers from Cream Puff and NFA:



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Last night's setlist:

Warfield Theater

San Francisco, CA

May 14, 2008

Set 1:

Aoxomoxoa (Third Album, 1969)

St. Stephen>

Dupree's Diamond Blues


Doin' That Rag

Mountains Of The Moon

China Cat Sunflower

What's Become Of The Baby^

Cosmic Charlie

Set 2 with Mark Karan:

Live/Dead (1969)

Dark Star>

St. Stephen>

The Eleven>

Turn On Your Lovelight>

Death Don't Have No Mercy>

And We Bid You Goodnight

Donor Rap/Intros

E: King Bee

*with Teresa Williams on vocals

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