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well...he quoted me 80/hr. but at the end of the day he said it was 110/hr because he'd brought an extra guy. well...thanks for informing about that buddy.

then, after 3 hours they were done, but they said they would put my futon back together for me (since i had no clue how i was gonna do that). so they went upstairs for 30 minutes to do that, which i ended up paying another 1/2 hr for, but when i got up there later they had not done a thing to the futon.

nothing was broken though, iirc.

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When expounding once on my deep, deep hatred for the monstrous pustule of a corporation that is U-Haul, Shane (nero Shane .. not sure if he is on the board?) had a recommendation for a company that he had nothing but praise for. I tried very hard to commit it to memory, but obviously failed.

Anyways, I'd give him a call. Not sure if it is just a truck rental place or if it does 'full service' (sounds like something you'd ask for at the massage parlor) moving.

Good luck!

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Give Scott Moore a call, tell him you will pay $100/hour for 3 guys and a truck. He will go for it. It is well worth it. He has a 5/ton truck . It is better to meet his schedual than to make your own. He isn't earning enough for his service.

He pays 15/hour per mover guy; gas; and truck costs. Scott is a great guy and family man.

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