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Moment of Impact Photos


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Hal, do you think I should post our videos we made in Ottawa - run, jump, spin-in-air football catches. (which I just found again)

One nero weekend Hal, myself and a few others thought it'd be a great idea to try some football catches using a water bottle as the football and the hotel bed as our surface to crash down on. They were awesome I might add - imagine us running full speed, jumping, spinning in the air, catching the ball/water bottle on the flip-side in mid air and crashing onto the bed - awesome -that is until the bed broke. Opps! :) Then we decided to just continue our low-key pre-drinking routine instead of "amazing sports catches" (or in our case crazy idiot drunk sports bloopers)

In any case, I think they'd fit right in with these "moment of impact" shots.

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