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Booking 10+ days in a hotel?


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So in early October I'll be going to a bunch of shows in Toronto:

  • Oct. 2: Mike Gordon + JFJO
  • Oct. 3: Envelope 3
  • Oct. 6: Built To Spill
  • Oct. 7: Built To Spill
  • Oct. 10: moe. + Envelope 3
  • Oct. 11: Share

It seems like it would be better to just install myself into a hotel for the 10 or 11 nights, rather than shuttle between Ottawa and Toronto three times. I've done well with Priceline the last few times, but only for staying a day or two. Is there any other/better option for a long stay? Ideally, I'd get something with some kitchen facilities, so that I don't have to eat restaurant or take-out food all the time; I'm also hoping to get and bring a netbook, so internet access would also be a plus.

Any info or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!



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