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PHISH Camden/Darien DVD B&P offer *CLOSED*


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IM ISO the 1994 Phish Bluegrass sessions documentary vids... Ive been seeing the youtube's but cant actually find one single download... its 1.2 hours of fantastic footage of Phish learning bluegrass early on...

Anyone have any links... not trying to hijack your great offer jayr... thought you might have some 411.

edit to add... i found it on ISOhunt. Its not moving to quickly with only one seeder but i cant wait to watch it all when its done.

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IM ISO the 1994 Phish Bluegrass sessions documentary vids...

Still active over at TTD with 4 seeds. I downloaded it back when it first went up (2006) so I know the files are all good.

Also over at TTD is Phish 2009-08-01 Morrison, CO [2-Cam] (DVD9) (NTSC) 14.10 GB

Seeders: 169, Leechers: 210, Completed: 282

It look like a quality vid. A couple of screenshots, there are a some great close up shots as well.

SS Cam 1


SS Cam2


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I'd love if you could B+P me Darien.... A friend that was there had an accient over the weekend and she could use 4 hours of good TV.

No problem. PM me.

I could use a demonoid invite...

Who's got my heady demonoid invite?


Other than that, I think I'm gonna need to close this B&P. Got lots to burn!



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