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I was there only for Friday night, I arrived while Diesel Dog was playing and had to start immediately getting my tent set up. I could hear Diesel Dog clear and could be, singing their best songs, including Dire Strait's Money For Nothing. The band sounded great - but by the time we were set up ... they were done.

Me and the reggae crew headed over to talk to them, Mark Wilson informed me that Blobject had to cancel because of the hospitalization of their guitarist.

We were lucky to borrow some equipment from Ricky, Ian and Ryan and we had a complete set up for our Keyboardist wizard James Gray, formerly of Blue Rodeo.

So replacing Blobject, High Plains Drifter did the first 30 minutes of songs; afrobeat, funk, singalongs and latin tunes - before King Selah joined the group as House of David Gang and we played for about 2 hours - a mix of our own original reggae tunes mixed with Jackie Mittoo, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Inner Circle, Denis Brown, plus our own new song Toronto, ON.

We had a blast, and the crowd was jivin' with us for the entire set.

Wow, 10 years in the making!! Thanks to Mark Wilson for keeping this spirit alive in Ontario!

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Saturday was fun too (the only day i was able to be there for). The Dirk Quinn Band was smokin' good, and a great new addition to the festival. Really tight and talented. All instrumental. The steel drum and trumpet player was incredible, and added a real unique sound. The bass player was sick. Lots of cool teases (floyd, trey, beatles).

Rest of the day/night was also fun. It had been a couple of years for me, so being back in the saloon was kind of surreal. Good turnout, but I was surprised by how few people I knew. Interesting.

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