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Hartamophone Needs Your Votes! (Now with video entertainment).


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What up Skanks? I'm asking a small favour.

The Globe and Mail is having a contest to add one writer and one photographer to its editorial team for the Vancouver/Whistler Olympics (here's a link to the contest's website). For an aspiring writer with dreams of going pro (hey, that's me) this would be the opportunity of a lifetime, so I've submitted an article in the competition.

This is where you come in.

I need to be in the top-50 vote-getters in order to proceed to the next round. Your votes would mean a lot to me. So would your mother's vote, and your sister's, your dog's, etc. Here's where you can read my story and vote for it, should you so choose: LINK.

Note that you are eligible to win some sweet prizes (a fancy camera and a tricked-out laptop) just for voting.

Voting can be done daily until November 22, so please consider voting more than once (or, you know, daily). There are certainly more noble things you can do with thirty seconds and a click of your mouse (see this thread, for example), but this really would mean the world to me. Part of why I have taken this year "off" after school is to work on my writing and try and do something with it, so this is an opportunity that I don't want to watch slip away.

Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for voting. Hopefully I've racked up enough good karma around this place to snag some votes, despite not knowing very many of you off the board. Also, as an added bonus, every time you vote, an angel gets its wings and global warming will be reversed by one year. So really, let's all do our part.

Once again, here's my LINK.



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Thanks again, to everyone who has voted (and to those who have yet to get around to it but are planning to!).

I know it's a little weird with both Velvet and I in the running, but he and I have exchanged a few PMs and there are nothing but good vibes flowing between the two of us.

Also, while I'm on the subject of self-promotion, if you enjoyed my entry and are looking to kill some time at work (which you probably are, given that you're on here on a Friday afternoon) you can check out my blog.

Thanks again!

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