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Neil Young sings 'Fresh Prince' theme song

Kanada Kev

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Oh now you all have love for my Yimmy. Admittedly this is one of the better sketches he's done (although his impersonations are scattered aptly through all sorts of interviews). I also can't say enough how much The Roots make the telecast work particularly because unlike other late night house bands who are largely playing from (massive) songbooks they clearly do that plus have a razor's edge improvisational style that lets them riff on any style of music as punctuation to whatever joke is afoot. Plus Questlove makes a great straight man for Jimmy. Plus plus they often have musical guests sitting in with the band ranging from Booker T to Bela Fleck.

That and they've had some pretty astounding (and shite) musical guests some veterans (that likely Lorne Michaels called in favours on) and up and comers. But last night for instance was Pixies plugging the Minotaur box set with a rousing Debaser.

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