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Berry picking enthusiasts


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There is an interesting episode of NFLD CBC show Land & Sea that focuses on the only kid in an outport town of 30.

That said, just FF to the 5:00 mark or so and hear his grandmother's (AKA an elderly Geddy Lee) reasoning for moving to Grandois (for those completely unfamiliar with the NFLD accent, she's talking about berry picking. Man, she loves her berry picking.

For a real dose of newfie accent, listen to the kid's uncle at 10:20 or so.


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Build your goddamn muscles, huh?

You know, you could build your muscles picking strawberries. You know, bend and scoop...like the Mexicans. Shit, maybe I could get you a job with United Fruit. I got a buddy with United Fruit. Get you started with strawberries you might work your way up to these goddamn bananas!

When, boy? When...are you going to get your act together?

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