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The Band (and more) Live at Watkins Glen '73

Northern Wish

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Watkins Glen Festival 1973 [no label, 4CD]

Live at the Raceway, Watkins Glen,

New York, July 27, 28, 1973.

New, previously uncirculated, very good audience recording.

4 CD Set

Disc 1 - Friday, July 27, 1973

The Sound Check

Track 1. Instrumental

Track 2. audience

Track 3. Instrumental

Track 4. audience

Track 5. Don’t Do It

Track 6. audience

Track 7. W. S. Walcott Medicine Show

Disc 2 - Saturday, July 28, 1973

The Concert - Part I

Track 1. audience/tuning

Track 2. Instrumental

Track 3. audience

Track 4. Introduction - Sam Cutler and Bill Graham

Track 5. Goin’ Back To Memphis

“We’ve got a visitor†(comments about parachutist who sadly would die)

Track 6. audience

Track 7. Lovin’ You Is Sweeter Than Ever

Track 8. The Shape I’m In

Track 9. The Weight

Track 10. Stage Fright

Track 11. I Shall Be Released

Track 12. Don’t Do It

Track 13. Endless Highway

Track 14. The Genetic Method

Track 15. Chest Fever

Disc Three:

The Concert - Part II

Track 1. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (7.6MB)

Track 2. Across The Great Divide (6.4MB)

Track 3. Instrumental

Track 4. Holy Cow

Track 5. audience

Track 6. Life Is A Carnival

Track 7. Saved

Track 8. Up On Cripple Creek

Track 9. audience

Track 10. Share Your Love

Track 11. Wheels On Fire

Track 12. W. S. Wolcott Medicine Show

Track 13. Slippin’ And Slidin’

Track 14. audience

Track 15. Rag Mama Rag

Disc 4 - Saturday, July 28, 1973

The Concert - Part III (after the main event)

Summer Jam - various members of The Band, Allman Brothers and Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead

Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals

Bob Weir - guitar, vocals

Keith Godchaux - piano, keyboards

Phil Lesh - bass

Bill Kreutzmann – drums

The Band

Rick Danko - guitar, vocals

Richard Manuel - piano, vocals

The Allman Brothers Band

Gregg Allman - organ

Dickey Betts - guitar

Track 01. A Change Is Gonna Come (first take)

Track 02. A Change Is Gonna Come

Track 03. Rick and crowd converse

Track 04. Rainin’ In My Heart

Track 05. “It hasn’t been plannedâ€

Track 06. Tuning and direction as various musicians converge and proceed to mill about and play

Track 07. Have You Ever Been Mistreated (Richard Manuel vocal)

Track 08. “Go away Jerryâ€

Track 09. Da Di De Day (Rick vocal)

Track 10. Not Fade Away

Track 11. “Level Checkingâ€

Track 12. Let Me Wrap You In My Warm And Tender Love (Rick and Jerry vocals)

Track 13. Reelin’ And Rockin’

Track 14. “We want our money backâ€

Track 15. Mountain Jam

Track 16. Amazing Grace

Track 17. Amazing Grace

Track 18. Mountain Jam

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Here you can get the artwork for this collection. >> http://bigozine2.com/roio/?p=544

For the completists out there. This source is a new and improved transfer/source as of winter 2010 - one caveat is that it's missing the first song of the sound-check (D1-t01) - 'The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down'. Also missing is Garth's solo because the tapers had to cover-up the gear due to rain. Not a big deal or game breaker by any means, but for those (like me) who enjoy having or knowing about the entire circulating recording, just a heads up.

If anyone comes across the 6 CD collection please let me know, I can piece it all together with different boots/recordings, but my collectionist ADD is eating at me and my sources vary in quality (studio/FM/AUD etc). I'd like the entire circulating AUDs.

[color:red][edit to add]

I was able to find the text file that came with this when I d/l it. It explains why some songs are missing and/or cut for any interested in a bit of the tapers experience getting this, here ya go..


I had not been to the Woodstock festival, so Watkins Glen was my chance to go to Woodstock in style: A tent, cooler, ice, food, beer, and a Chrysler Newport, and my friend Arti.

We had 2 brand new Sony ECM-22P electret condenser microphones and the trusty Hitachi 222TRQ stereo cassette recorder.

The concert was scheduled for Saturday, we arrived Tuesday afternoon, set up camp a ways from the concert field. Friday morning there was a rumor that the sound check was going to happen later that afternoon, and that ticket holders would be allowed in. Friday, just around noon the gates were opened. We headed for the front, our goal 40 feet out dead center from the stage. Unfortunately there were people already there, the only prime real estate in that vicinity was covered by about 2 inches of water, as it had been raining off & on all week. The promoters were thoughtful enough to supply bottled water, pallets of it, to the ticket holders. Seizing the opportunity we gathered 4 wooden pallets and walked them all the way up to the prime but flooded area. We placed the pallets over the water and squared them, put coverage on top and presto, we were dry and soon would be high. We were about 40 feet, dead center from stage,or about halfway between the soundboard & the stage.

We had brought 4, 4 ft long 1 inch wide metal conduit, with couplers, to hoist the microphones. Everything was set as THE BAND took the stage. We had our mikes up, way up, and with the surprise of the Friday event, the crowd was not so dense, making us quite visible from the stage.

There were flyers circulated by the promoters which threatened that there was to be no recording of the concert cords would be cut the flyer stated. THE BAND went through there sound check, we went through ours, the sound was a little strong, especially with our mikes so high and close, we were thrilled.

I do not remember if there was a complete BAND song as the first soundcheck tune. If it was, we either had the pause button on or were not ready. I do not remember either way.

The levels attenuated properly towards the end of the set, and then the Allmans came on. We decided not to record the brothers. Next the DEAD came on, as they began to play Phil Lesh looked out and asked are you all ready out there? We thought he was talking to us, but weren't sure.

Everything was going fine, the first set was drawing to a close. It was during BIRD SONG that we were accosted suddenly by a big red headed and bearded goon, who waded through the crowd and demanded that we cease taping immediately and wanted our tapes and our blanks. I was standing, Arti crouched down and began fiddling, I kept yelling at the goon to waste time and keep the jackass busy so as not to actually be able to see or get his paws on our stuff. He was also distracted looking behind us to locate his next victim, anyone who was taping the show. Arti came up, handed him a cassette tape and 1 box of TDK SD90 tapes, it was half of our supply. The goon grabbed our stuff and took off behind us. Arti had given him a blank, good thing because the tape we were using for the DEAD was also the one we had used for THE BAND's sound check.

We stopped taping, our tape ends in the middle of BIRD SONG.

The set ended and during the break it got dark. We hand held the mikes and taped the spectacular 2nd set with that awesome jam, we were shaken, paranoid, but determined to pull this off.

Saturday, we decided to lower the mikes, using one four foot section hand held just about head level. This is why you can hear lots of audience during the Saturday show.

Also, with the crowd gathering and the inevitable crush of the latecomers to the front, this caused jostling even up on our pallets. Arti & I kept watch over the deck and recording levels. There were 2 other "friends, mitchell +1" who held the poles with the mikes. The instructions were to keep the mikes down at head level. This is why there are multiple dropouts of the high frequencies, mainly on the left side. The mikes were separated, held by 2 people who at times could not see each other. There are periods when the stereo image is better than others. The idea was that any recording would be better than no recording.

Also, it rained throughout the day, mainly during the BAND's set. At a couple of points it rained so hard we stopped recording and covered everything, even the wires. That is why there is no Garth solo during the rain.


The DEAD played first, we were paranoid and did not take our eyes off the goon squad on stage. We operated in stealth mode for THE BAND, who played next.

The ALLMAN BROTHERS played in the dark, we were not so paranoid by them, we had also peaked during THE BAND, so we were a little more composed. This was my first association with Genesee cream ale, which we had an ample of supply in the cooler. I have not traded this show ever, the only people who had copies were 3 of us and a small circle of trusted friends.

It would be nice to get a sound board of THE BAND'S SET, One exists, for the bogus live from Watkins Glen official lp contains a few soundboard tunes, as does The Bands "TO KINGDOM COME", An entire Sound Board of this show would be great. Ever wonder why the dead shows were all taped but the supporting bands were not????

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