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Ferriswheeler w/Seismic Fri. Jan. 10 @ Zaphod


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Come check out two amazing bands

Friday January 10, 2003

at Zaphod Beeblebrox

27 York Street, Ottawa ON


SEISMIC (9:00 - 10:00)


Seismic is a melting pot of creativity. Their music motivates and inspires decorative thought. The band's passion, harmony, soul and spirit have unified various musical influences into a cohesive canvas of sound.

This six piece band, including Sarah (vocals), Dean (guitar), Helder (guitar), Tim (drums) and Jay (bass), has molded its sound to create a mellow ambience by synergizing styles like: Alternative, Jazz, Funk, and Rock.

Seismic has grabbed music by its tail and has made it vulnerable. The band is fit to entertain even the most discriminating connoisseur.

From Ottawa Ontario, this spiritually powerful group returns heart into the scene while keeping amusement and memories closely tied to each other.

FERRISWHEELER (10:00 - 11:00 pm)


Ferriswheeler: a hard hitting live act that has Eastern Canada filling the clubs with their unique brand of jam-rock and songwriting.

Since its inception in 1999, Ferriswheeler has carefully crafted a blend of rock, funk, jazz and blues to encompass musicianship, timing, and a killer live show that's never too far from surprise and experimentation.

Originally, the band had a more conventional approach to music. Members Egan (bass) and Dave (guitar) had just discovered a singer with an angelic voice when they decided to recruited a drummer, Keeron, who eventually produced and recorded their first album in his own studio apartment. Ferriswheeler released their debut full-length CD "Pieces" in August, 2001.

Nowadays, there is no lead vocalist. The band's new format includes local sax player, Aljee, and features all of the members sharing the vocal responsibility.

With a new lease on groove, the band remains poised as they take music to the next energized level.

Come one, come all! Come support local talent.

Friday, January 10, 2003,

Two amazing bands for $5.00

at Zaphod Beeblebrox

27 York street 562-1010.

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Sweet double bill!

Seismic is definitley fun, a few members of 'Big Fish eat LIttle Fish' i believe- female vocals. They do a song Emily wrote (for those of you old school enough to remember when nero was a 5 piece [Wink] )- something about a peep show. and we all know Ferriswheeler rocks the house like None-body's business.

If only we could rescue that great room from Eugene's retarded/greedy politics. But, it's still one of the best venues in town- imo.

anybody who saw that last BNB show there, knows what I mean.

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Sorry, dave-O, but I'm going to (and taping) the Don Ross show tonight, so won't be at Zaphod's. I know I said I'd tape you guys tonight (and give you a patch to your MD), but Don Ross plays so rarely here, that I think it's a more pressing taping experience.

This is, I feel, an example of the frustration of gettting into taping: you can't tape everything (a frustration which, I'm sure, will also rear its ugly head tomorrow, with Bob Wiseman vs. Moonraker).



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Tonights performance?

"Impressive, most impressive"


Its too bad that bar kicks you out so damn early (although, it was one of the reasons we could afford it tonight.....strange irony there).

Ferris gets their wheel turning, and had to shut her down. I'll tell ya what, they are a fantastic band.........

Good job boys!

(Some great teases in there, I wish we had a full night of your Simple-type stuff [Wink] )

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You know what SUCKS?

I have been home for 2 hours now, and its only 1:30am

That is seriously fugged up!

(Dont mind me, I have had fun all night, and am still having fun, but this whole "the band is done at Elevenish" shit aint sitting so well right now.)

Money can make people go blind................

And Now For Something Completely Different:

Blane, earlier, we had been hypnotized by 11-30-94 Vibration of Life back at our place tonight.


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Guest Low Roller

The 11pm band curfew was really too bad. Yet I think that the Ferriswheeler message was heard loud and clear. As I was standing by the bar I overheard the bartenders saying that Ferriswheeler "has a great sound". Eugene (the owner) was also listening intently.

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Hey Dave

Amazing show last night, you guys knocked me on my ass. so glad I made it down. My only compalint, it was too short, a total tease only going to 11. Can't wait to see the Wheeler go off with a little more time to kick it out.

Good to see all the kind folk in Ottawa out last night as well. [big Grin]

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