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  1. I'm embarrassed to admit that I've only been to fifteen of these venues. This list outlines what would be a very amazing road trip.
  2. Though I'm dying to go to a show as much as the next girl, at least the past fourteen months has conditioned me to accept watching concerts online as a nearly-adequate substitute. Couch tour 4ever.
  3. Interesting to see pictures of the rest of the place. I feel like I missed out on something by not sleeping there (maybe something like tuberculosis). I remember going to the bar for load in after they had "renovated" and once I saw the junked chairs outside in the bright sun I almost gagged thinking I had actually touched some of them with my bum.
  4. Velvet


    Trump left office a lot easier than I thought. Like, I mean I thought he would have launched a missile in the last hour, or stuffed oilet paper down the toilets or something.
  5. Velvet

    Todd's blog

    Friends and compatriots! I have finally at long last started a blog/website thingy where I'll be posting travel logs, videos, reviews, my daily ticket stories, and whatever else I can think of. My thanks to Mike and all of you on this website; this is where I started typing, where I started the nerologs and posted my first-ever travel log (from Peru), and generally where my writing bone got flexed. So again, thanks. www.toddmanout.com
  6. I sold one online and got scared and took it down.
  7. Oh, Eddie. I've been doing a lot of listening since he died the other day and while I always worshipped the dude - and that never, ever waned - after barraging myself with examples of his playing both familiar (like his solos on Beat It and Jump and that heavy intro to Pretty Woman [Intruder] and..oh there is so much) and new (like that tune he did on SNL, the Hollywood Bowl solo, and several other gems that kept coming up in the feed of every social media platform in existence) and listening really, really hard has elevated my respect for his playing above and beyond even the upper rea
  8. Wow...I do believe I've stumbled upon the ORIGINAL 40 Main thread. It's like an archeological find!!!!
  9. And our highly anticipated follow-up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDWC14uPFZ0
  10. Pumpkin (My Cat's On Crack) by The Tummies, featuring drumming courtesy of Rockin' Jay McConnery. Please watch and share. This is my retirement plan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWU9kUwott8
  11. ...that they are closing down? Anyone heard anything about this? It was just a post on facebook, so no big insider scoop by any means and just as likely to be fiction as fact.
  12. Well now, this is interesting. Any of y'all going?
  13. On Jamcruise I was really impressed with the guitar player from Robert Walter's band. Turns out his name is Andy Coe and he is from Seattle. Someone sent me this link to a show he played at the Blue Moon Saloon in Lafayette, which is a venue everyone should check out. https://archive.org/details/acb2018-12-17.busman/acb2018-12-17t01.flac
  14. Damn...coulda/woulda made it to this show if not for King Gizzard playing in Montreal the same night.
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