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  1. I will be going, but not sure of the plan yet......
  2. Wishing I could make it up to this one, it's always a rager with Must Stash Hat in C-Town!!
  3. No CORNMEAL what a bummer, I guess this makes next weekend so much better!!! My feet never touched the ground during there ALLGOOD set this year,(I know from experience to be right up front where all the foot stomping and dust/mud creation is)and they turn me into a dancing machine again!! I LOVE them for it. Here's hoping that they get there bus fixed up and have nothing but smooth sailing!
  4. Nicole and myself, but we won't be playing any instruments, well maybe our beer bottles and our mind's
  5. I can't wait. I missed a couple shows and now i have the blues. Don't let this happen to YOU! Seriously missing DD is worse then breaking a mirror. I can't even find a matching sock anymore. I think I can party from this show till Cometogether, who's with me on this one?
  6. Anyone down with predrinks at are shed is welcome (I like Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer)
  7. crazykorey

    dead tix

    Kind of wonder if i'm losing it or what? I ordered pre-sale tickets which was a pain, (waiting/fishing)after working all night, best i could get was 104 so i took them and went to bed. Now that general sales are on I figure I'll check out tickets.com, and I find some floor tix (section 5/6) so i try some more, find some crappy tickets and then find about the same as when i first get in, So.... I grab them. For some reason i thought grabing tickets online might be fun.. I found it infuriating or maybe just flustrating.When i went on 2hrs later I found the same/better tickets. So now i got 4 tickets to a (for my budget) high$ show, which is not so bad seeing as i will sell to someone who needs for cost or miracle someone at the show. So does anyone else "feel the way I do?" I will likely be going back to box office ticket walk up's(i have found plenty of last minute floor tickets this way) Just thought i would share my experince and see how many other's are going crazy for online ticketing.
  8. Just wanted to apologize for the actions of some of those in my crew. Lauren and his friend's will most definitely not be hanging with us in the future. I had complaint's from several friend's about there behaviour. Hopefully everyone had a great time.Thanks to all the Pepperjack's staff.
  9. wishing we were in the area for this
  10. 22hr and counting till we leave for bonfire wooooooooooohoooooooooooo
  11. i emailed them awile back but don't recall what there reply was but i sure hope they do another tour soon i would love too see them again
  12. never had one, borrowed one for a trip once (did not need too use it)
  13. Money should never be a concern when it comes to live music. I am still wrenching on my time/space machine so i might knot be there this weekend but I wish everone the best of times and weather for the festival.My little bro is going up to represent the SooNCrazyManglers Club so give him a hard time. rock and roll woooooooohoooooo and arrrrrrrrrrr to all the pirates
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