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  1. 7:10 eastern friday morning..
  2. Chuck Norris... pffft.. He should be more worried about this guy with his webbed feet and gills.
  3. Jason Smith to Ottawa (2 yrs)
  4. Some interesting notes from Carbo..
  5. I've seen Hux get between the legs of a mermaid.
  6. MattyC

    Euro 2008

    let's get back to what's really important!! Girls of Euro!! Lots more here!!
  7. Holy fack the wings are a good team. I might be watching too much footy, but the way they move the puck is a lot like the beautiful game. Roberts up to his old tricks.. Nice cheepy elbow on Franzenstein!!
  8. Drop the puck already.. Here's what's keeping Zetterberg limber. :content:
  9. The Season in Numbers 0 - League games in which ManYoo and Arsenal conceded more than two goals. Plus, games lost by Chelsea when Ricardo Carvalho was on the pitch. 1 - Win managed this season by Derby. Shame on you Newcastle. Plus; Fulham win achieved without Brian McBride (he was out for almost six months). 2 - Goals scored by Chelsea's £13.5m signing Florent Malouda. 3 - Clean sheets cobbled together by relegated clubs Derby and Birmingham. Plus, games in which ManYoo failed to score (v Reading, Man City and Bolton). 4 - Premier League goals scored by Derby's top scorer Kenny Miller. 5 - Points dropped at Old Trafford by Manchester United - in the opening-day draw with Reading and the derby defeat to Manchester City. Plus, games won by Liverpool in which Fernando Torres or Steven Gerrard failed to score. 6 - Wins for Fulham under Roy Hodgson in 18 league games in charge - a win rate roughly equal to Alan Curbishley's at West Ham over the whole season. 7 - Points picked up by Manchester City against Big Four sides, including a double over ManYoo. Plus, goals conceded in the final five minutes of games by Chelsea. 8 - Premier League clubs who have changed their manager this season. Plus, English players who made it to double scoring figures (that figure was six last season). 9 - Points picked up by West Ham in their last 12 games of the season. Only Derby ended the season in worse form. Plus, number of games won 1-0 by Chelsea. 10 - Points picked up by Newcastle against top-half opposition. Plus, number of league titles now won by Ryan Giggs. 11 - Yellow cards picked up by PL bad boys Nicky Butt, El Hadji Diouf and Michael Brown. 12 - Goals in as many games for Ronaldo in the Premier League season run-in. 13 - Goals scored by Tottenham substitutes - more than any other side. 15 - Tottenham games featuring four or more goals. Plus, number of scoring Arsenal players in the Premier League. 18 - Players who have started Premier League games for Aston Villa. 19 - Goal assists attributed to Cesc Fabregas by the Premier League website. 20 - Players given Premier League winner's medals this season - including Gerard Pique and Tomasz Kuszczak, who received special dispensation. 21 - Points gained by Arsenal from losing positions. 22 - Percentage of Everton's goals that came from their defenders. 24 - League goals scored by Fernando Torres in his first season of English football, beating the 'foreign newcomer' record set by Ruud van Nistelrooy. 27 - Goals scored in the final 15 minutes of games by Arsenal. 31 - League goals scored by Ronaldo this season. He joins Alan Shearer, Kevin Phillips and Thierry Henry in the 30-plus club. 33 - Points dropped from winning positions by Tottenham. 38 - Number of goals scored at Fratton Park and the JJB Stadium this season - the lowest total in the Premier League. 41 - Goals scored by Englishmen for Aston Villa. 57 - League goals scored by Rooney, Tevez and Ronaldo this season from a ManYoo total of 80. That's more goals than fifth-placed Everton. 71 - Goals scored by Aston Villa, making them more potent than either Liverpool or Chelsea. 80 - Number of goals scored at White Hart Lane this season in the league. 85 - Yellow cards picked up by Middlesbrough in 38 games. 93 - Fouls committed by Aston Villa's John Carew, who beat Kevin Davies into second place of that particular table. 777 - Number of minutes between Derby goals on September 29 and December 8. 1002 - Total number of goals scored in the division - the highest total since 2003/04. 3420 - Minutes played by Birmingham's Stephen Kelly to make him the only truly ever-present outfield player in the Premier League.
  10. Craig Hartsburg rumoured as the new Coach. courtesy the score.
  11. Dave-o, Pretty sure those bets are in Booche's head only.. Tonight's the night Habs.. Pop some fucking goals in!!
  12. tough loss last night.. They needed that second goal to go up 2-0. They just let the bruins hang around for too long asking to be burned.. On a side note Saku a definite maybe.
  13. No kidding eh.. I think I saw some sens flags at half mast today. Here's hoping they win tonight to get the juice flowing!! C'mon!!
  14. Let's head to the beach!!
  15. Koivu broken foot!! confirmed.. fack. Not sure how long he'll be out.
  16. I think its Assistant TO the Forum Moderator.
  17. MattyC

    Playoff pool?

    I'm in. I like the draft format.
  18. MattyC

    Brad Richards

    nice added bonus that he's from the sandbar, but he's proven his worth in the playoffs and he wasn't a rental. Good on him though. What a start in Dallas. As for the list I don't think it was ever published and I have no idea where I read/heard it. Mutli-media brain freeze!!!
  19. MattyC

    Brad Richards

    I agree that the habs should have been after b-rich rather than hossa. I think he listed a bunch of teams that he would waive his clause for, and the habs unfortunately were not on that list. At the same time though there is a glaring need for a scoring winger on saku's line. Here's hoping the big newf rider can tear it up the rest of the season.
  20. The old Colorado coming back. Crazy they are not even in a playoff position right now.
  21. We'll be the drunken drydens!! I don't know if I can go anymore.. The habs record when I attend is dismal at best. I was present for the arse wompin on saturday.
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